The Gardner Recall Committee filed a detailed campaign finance report Feb. 25, following an inquiry by investigators from the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. Many of the contributors are listed as “anonymous.” The report reveals that Mayor Dave Drovetta and former council members Eric Schultz and the campaign of former council member Dennis Pugh were donors to the recall efforts against then-council members Mary Peters and John Shepherd. Tory Roberts, who sought election to the council in 2009, is also listed as a donor to the recall committee. Pugh, Roberts and Schultz were unsuccessful in 2009 bids for council seats losing to Peters.
Jared Taylor, who led the recall committee, along with Pugh and Roberts will be listed on the ballot for city council on April 5.
Campaign finance reports for 2010 were due at the Johnson County Election Office by Dec. 31, 2010.
A copy of the report is posted below and  a letter from Ryan Beasley, treasurer for the Gardner Recall Committee, can be found here.
Additional information will be in the March 2 edition of The Gardner News.