Ryan Beasley
Gardner Recall Committee Treasurer
Almost a year has passed now since the contentious and dividing issue of the recall of city council members John Shepherd and Mary Peters.  As much as we’d like to forget and move on, there are those in the community and local media that continue to push the issues.
When we started the recall campaign we inquired about whether or not we would need to file a campaign contribution report.  We asked Brian Newby of the Johnson County Election office, he suggested we inquire with the state, and the state sent us back to the County Election office.   To say the least there was a lot of gray in whether or not we needed to account for any monies we took in for the recall election.
With some inquires to the Johnson County Election Office and the Johnson District Attorney, coming from the Gardner News and other possible citizens, about our campaign contributions we have been asked by the DA’s office to account for these contributions.  To the best of our knowledge we have accounted for the contributions from 2009 and 2010 and will have filed the necessary information on February 24th.
Some of you may ask yourselves what about the campaign contributions for Shepherd and Peters?  Like we said there is a lot of gray and as of now we have no definitive answer from the JCEO or the DA’s office as to whether or not they are required to file.
With us having to claim the campaign contributions to the recall efforts, we understand this may put some of you in an uncomfortable situation and for that we apologize.  The recall was uncomfortable and hopefully with these final forms we can lay this part of Gardner’s history to rest.
As far as the future of Gardner, we pray that the citizens of Gardner will pay attention to the politics going on around them so a recall doesn’t have to happen again.  On April 5th there is an important election coming up, three city council seats are up for grabs.  Eight people are running for these three seats. Find out who these people are and what their ideas and views are for the future of Gardner.
We appreciate the understanding and patience with the filing of these contribution forms and hope that citizens and news sources will be responsible and respectful of everyone who exercised their rights and freedoms by contributing to the recall.