Rep. Mike Kiegerl is feeling better after what he calls a “life-altering medical event” on Valentine’s Day. Kiegerl suffered a stroke on Feb. 14 and was being held at Stormont Vail in Topeka until recently.
However, according to his weekly legislative update, he is now on the mend at a rehabilitation center in Overland Park.
“I’m making (slow) progress, and I’m impatient to get back to work,” Kiegerl wrote. “The timing of the stroke was unfortunate, but in the last few days I’ve been filled in by my colleagues on current events.”
He is expected to remain at MidAmerica Rehabilitation Hospital for a few days or weeks until he recovers.
He wrote that in the event of a close vote, his wife will wheel him into the chamber, however.
“I don’t think that will be necessary, but I surely will prevent a one-vote margin to get us bad legislation as it did with the sales tax increase last year,” he wrote.
Kiegerl’s speech is improving, but he said in a telephone interview that there’s still room for improvement on the left side of his body.
His mental capacity was tested for hours and hours, he said.
“My mental faculties seem to be OK,” he said. “I had to prove it to the therapists who tested me for hours. This may not impress everyone; some may maintain I’m as misguided as ever.”
He appreciates the cards and prayers he has received. However, he has asked that flowers not be sent and requests no visitors.