On Tuesday evening in the Spring Hill Middle School library, SHMS students

Spring Hill Middle School students posed in the SHMS library after giving a talk about their My Kansas project for Kansas! Magazine to the Spring Hill Historical Society. Standing are Colin Mc Cormick, Amanda King, Mary Kate Hale, Mallory Meek, Ellisa Bragaw, Amber Dietrich, Charity Wright, Makayla Kosberg, Jared Hoston, Trey Skinner, Madison Bitner . Kneeling are Emily Simmons, Taylor McClellen, Connor Hecke Staff photo by Amy Cunningham

presented their research findings as part of the My Kansas! project sponsored by Kansas! Magazine.
The group compiled information about Spring Hill-area history and included stories of a tragic tornado that hit the area in 1957, Jeremiah McCanse – a former slave turned Spring Hill community pillar, Lone Elm Park that once served as a camp ground for settlers heading west and the Potawatomi Trail of Death which ran through the area.
The students, in grades 6, 7 and 8, are mentored by SHMS history teacher Christine Hecke and librarian Debbie Sims. They are hoping to have a similar finish to last year’s group who earned a first place award for their submission to the magazine.
The students plan to send in their findings to the magazine later this year.