Amy Cunningham
There is a saying in the theatre, the show must go on.  It is believed that the

GEHS' producation opens Feb. 9.

phrase originated with the circus during the 19th century.  If calamity struck during the performance the ringmaster and band would continue to entertain the crowd in hopes that the crew would be able to carry on with their act.
While no one calamity has struck the Gardner Edgerton High School production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” the actors will certainly carry on with the show after missing nearly a week and a half of rehearsal time due to inclement weather and a conference which kept the show’s director out of the theatre.
In addition to canceled rehearsals, according to director Sarah Lamar, elementary students, who are out of school this week for snow days will miss out on the planned sneak preview.  The cast was scheduled to tour USD 231 elementary schools to perform a teaser scene from the play.
But carry on they will, Lamar said her experienced ensemble cast is up to the challenge and, despite the snow day setbacks, the show will be a hit with local audiences when it premiers February 9 and runs through the 11th at GEHS.
Lamar said that this musical will be of interest to anyone who has read and enjoyed Charles M. Schulz’s classic Charlie Brown comic strips. PLAY, from
“(This show is) the comic strips come to life and they play out to the music,” Lamar explained.  “It’s songs that, if people know and love Charlie Brown they’ll recognize.  It’s a really unique, darling show.”
The six-character, all senior cast stars T.J. Chaffin as Charlie Brown, Josh Moore as Linus, Tressa Lee as Sally, Hannah Miller as Lucy, Ethan Platt as Snoopy and Chris Martin as Schroeder.
The spring musical couldn’t be more different than Jekyll and Hyde, the dark and mysterious thriller put on by GEHS students earlier in the school year.
“We’re really stretching the actors between two total different extremes,” Lamar said when describing differences between the two shows.  “There’s not much comic relief in Jekyll and Hyde…(In Charlie Brown) happiness is the biggest theme-finding happiness no matter what your current situation is, finding happiness in the little things and being comfortable with who you are.”
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Date:  February 9, 10, 11
Time:  7 p.m.
Location:  Gardner Edgerton High School Theatre
Tickets:  $5 at the door