Makayla Kosberg, SHMS  7th Grader
Stephen Long called it “The Great American Desert.”  Lewis and Clark said it was “Prosperous Farmland”.  Now, most people call it Kansas.  I, however, call it home and I am extremely proud to say so.
To begin with, many people, some being worldwide leaders and some of the most influential people in the United States have been from Kansas.  Eisenhower was a famous general that later went on to be the 34th president.  Others, such as Carrie A. Nation, famous saloon smasher, or Clarina Nichols, a woman’s rights leader, led the way to national change.  We also have had (plenty) of athletes, doctors and scientists.
Next, Kansas has its fair share of history leading to the path of statehood.  In the Civil War, Kansas had the largest numbers of slavery versus anti-slavery skirmishes to decide if it would be a slave state of a free state.  Kansas led, and is still leading the way to nation-wide change in many ways such as women’s rights and African-American rights, plus many other ways.
However, not just Kansas’ history makes me proud to call it home.  It has wonderful schools, towns, places and the best colleges with the coolest mascots ever!  Western Kansas also has beautiful, endless fields of wheat stretching as far as the eye can see under an even bigger sky.  Kansas City has tall buildings and settled suburbs, too.  Anyone can find what makes them happy in Kansas.
So whatever you call Kansas, I will always call it home and will never be prouder of any other state than Kansas.