Anna Long, SHMS 7th Grader
The reason that I and really anyone in Kansas should be proud to be a Kansan is because Kansans are straightforward, honest, loyal and hard working people.  When slaves were legal, Kansas was a non-slave state.  We fought for what we believed in and we didn’t give in to pro-slave states, we stuck to what we believed and we still do.  In this case standing up and working hard were put together to make Kansans.  We work hard at anything we do and we get it right the first time, if we mess it up we try again until we get it right.  Not only do we work hard at what ever we do, we do it honestly.
Also, I love that Kansas has big parts of town and smaller parts of town.  I think that it is really important to have some larger, more developed cities, but I love it even more that we have smaller cities where everyone knows everyone.
I love that we can get together to celebrate something that we all care about, like Kansas’ sesquentennial.  We can all get together, have fun and share our strengths and weaknesses, because we are one state, we are together and we are Kansas.  Now that is why we should all be proud to be Kansans!