Benjamin Wyss, PRMS 6th Grader
There are many reasons on why someone should be proud to be a Kansan. First of all Kansas is a very historic State. This is where the Oregon and Santa Fe trails crossed. Amelia Earhart was born here. This historic knowledge makes me proud to be here. The weather is a good balance in Kansas. You get a mixture of hot, cold and everything in between. The weather will allow you to have a nice summer pool party, or a wonderful winter snow day! We also have great schools in Kansas. Like KU, K State, and JCCC. Many people have amazing jobs because of how our schools have educated them. Kansas is also my home. There are many acquaintances, friends and family, and all the other citizens in this wonderful State! We also have a saying that represents us. “Ad astra per aspera.” That means “Through hardships to the stars”. This proves that we work hard, and won’t give up until we reach the stars and achieve what we want. All of these things are special and unique about Kansas. We are above other States because of these reasons, and that is why I am proud to be a Kansan, a member of the best state.