Nadia Chorny, PRMS 6th Grader
I am proud to be a Kansan for different reasons. One of them is, there are a lot of fun things to do here. Like, you could go to the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, maybe Kaleidoscope, or could go to Nelson Atkins Museum. Maybe you could go to Lakeside Nature Center. Those are some things kids would like. Maybe adults would, too. There are a lot more things in Kansas you could do. But, there those are just a few of them out of maybe one thousand.
I bet that’s not the only reason you wanted to know. Well, another reason is that Kansas is my home town. I have lived in Kansas since I was little. But, I would not want to leave because this is also where most of my family is. I would never want to leave my family. Well, if I leave Kansas, I would not be a Kansan. I would also be just leaving all of the stuff I did as a child behind.
I bet the other sates are really jealous because we take care of our state a lot better then any other state. We keep it clean and we always follow the rules. That’s how smart and caring the people are. That’s what I know.
So, there you have it.