Luke Laskowski, PRMS 5th Grader
There are several reasons why I am glad I am a Kansan.  The first reason is that all of my family and friends live here in Kansas.  The second reason is that my favorite college basketball team is from here (KU).  They have won the National Championship a couple of times and the most recent was back in 2008.  This year they have another really good team that has a good chance at winning another National Championship.
Another reason I am proud to be a Kansan is because there are several famous people from here.  Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly a plane solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  Walter Chrysler grew up to make automobiles.  Bubba Starling is soon going to play professional sports.  Also, an additional reason is that the Kansas City Chiefs made it to the playoffs this past year.  They were also in the first Super Bowl back in 1967-68 and then two years later they ended up winning it all against the Minnesota Vikings.
I am also proud to say that we have a large amount of land available for farming.  This allows the farmers to grow corn that is used around the world for fuel and food.  In addition, Kansas has a ton of farm land that is used to produce several wheat products that are shipped to places around the world.  Livestock, such as cows, are a major product of Kansas that benefit people across the country and world.  These are some reasons why I am proud to be a Kansan.