Amy Cunningham
Experts say that if it were possible to harness the power of the human brain, it

Thomas Wyss, Hailey McGuire, Audrey Cooper, Dani Francis, and Alex Fox work a math problem during Scholars Bowl at Gardner Edgerton High School on Jan. 24. Staff photo by Amy Cunningham

could illuminate a 10-watt light bulb. If that assumption is true bulbs would have been shining bright Monday evening at the Scholar’s Bowl competition held at Gardner Edgerton High School.
More than 90 students from 15 area schools gathered on Jan. 24 at the high school for the JV tournament-style competition.
Scholars Bowl pits two six-player teams against one another, answering a moderator’s questions on various educational topics. Each player is equipped with a buzzer to signal when they are ready to answer a question. Correct answers garner 10 points for the team.  Players are penalized 10 points for ringing their buzzer before the moderator has completed the question.  After the moderator has completed the round the winning team advances to the next round in tournament play.
GEHS Freshman Scholar’s Bowl team member Thomas Wyss enjoys the competition’s challenge.
“I just think it’s interesting to put your mind against other people,” he said.
The team’s sponsor, Deb Osborn believes that tournaments like these are excellent learning experiences for her young squad. She said team participants spend both mornings and after school practicing for competition.
A key strategy for success is a mixture of quickness and patience.  According to Osborn, players need to be quick with the buzzer, but not too quick or the team is penalized.
As the sponsor, her goal is to field a group with strengths in different areas of knowledge.
“You want a team with the most diverse knowledge, you don’t want them to be too heavy in one area,” Osborn explained. “If a couple of people are really strong in each area then they can really play off of one another.”
While the JV team failed to place in the Gardner tournament they have placed in several tournaments this year, Osborn said.  The Varsity team will compete in Regional competition at Mill Valley on Feb. 3.