Christmas is over, the ornaments have been taken down and put back into storage and strings of lights are re-tangled in knots for next year. But once all the decorations are put away, what do you do with your natural Christmas tree? “Treecycle” it.
Like other yard waste materials, Christmas trees are discouraged from being deposited into Kansas landfills. Instead of trashing those trees, area communities offer residents a number of ways to recycle them — services that not only divert materials from landfills, but also create a useful resource that can be used for a variety of purposes. Throughout the region recycled trees are mulched and used for trail surfaces, erosion control and landscaping. Some are left whole and used to create fish habitat in local lakes.
“Trees provide habitat for animals and help clean our air,” says Matt Riggs, outreach coordinator for the MARC Solid Waste Management District. “After these trees have decorated our homes, they can be recycled and used to improve the environment.”
Approximately 33–36 million natural Christmas trees are produced in the U.S. every year. For every tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted the following spring.
For more information on proper Christmas tree disposal or other recycling services,
visit or call (816) 474-8326 for a list of locations throughout the metro area that will recycle your tree for little to no cost.
Following is a list of Christmas tree recycling services in the metro area. If your community is not listed, contact your city or trash hauler to find out if they offer this service.
Area Drop-Off Locations:
Bonner Springs – North Park
1200 S. 134th St.
Bonner Springs, Kan.
(913) 441-1662
Bonner Springs – Wyandotte County Park
126th & State Ave.
Bonner Springs, Kan.
(913) 573-8327
Kansas City, Kans. – City Park
2601 Park Dr.
Kansas City, Kan.
(913) 573-8327
Kansas City, Kans. – Alvey Park
4834 Metropolitan Ave.
Kansas City, Kan.
(913) 573-8327
Leavenworth – Transfer Station
24967 136th St.
Leavenworth, Kan.
(913) 727-2858
Leavenworth – Municipal Brush Site
1803 S. 2nd St.
Leavenworth, Kan.
(913) 758-6601
Lenexa – Little Mill Creek North Park
7900 Cottonwood
Lenexa, Kan.
(913) 477-7141
Olathe – Kill Creek Park
11670 Homestead Lane
Olathe, Kan.
(913) 441-8669
Olathe – Heritage Park
16050 Pflumm Rd.
Olathe, Kan.
(913) 441-8669
Olathe – Yard waste collection facility
127th Street & Hedge Lane
Olathe, Kan.
(913) 971-8600