V. JoAnne Block

I live in Gardner and have since May of 2005. I was in a wheelchair for one year before I moved here and for three years after.
I am not in a wheelchair anymore, but I am still disabled.
Since I have lived here I have had a problem with transportation. My automobile was not working. I desperately needed transportation to doctors, etc., and found Catch-A-Ride for transportation all over Kansas City. All of these rides were for desperate situations. With doctor appointments, Catch-A-Ride helped me in these situations at the last minute.
The Masons of Gardner, headed up by Dave Hayden, are behind Catch-A-Ride.
These people, I can’t thank enough for their concern for the disabled, for not having to pay anything because they know the disabled don’t have much money because it’s hard to find work. Please put this in the paper so they can get the recognition and thanks they deserve.
P.S. They even had a van fitted for wheelchairs, which I truly appreciated when I was in my wheelchair.