Courtesy of Vince Armstrong
It is important to prepare your house for winter to keep everything in good shape and making everything energy efficient.
-Take out your air conditioners so prevent drafts and keep them working good for next summer.
-Install your storm doors and windows if you have them. If you don’t you may want to look into buying them.
-Clean your gutters. You need gutters clear and working properly for when snow melts. Clogged cutters can cause water damage, flooding, and other things that you don’t want happening to your home.
-Trim tree branches so heavy snow doesn’t cause them to fall on your house or car. Hire a professional if you need too.
-If you have a chimney, get it cleaned and inspected by a professional.
-Get your heating system checked by a professional. This is recommended to be done every year.
-If you have old windows, look into new energy efficient windows, to keep your house warmer and save you money on your heating bills. You can get a tax credit for purchasing Energy Star certified products.
-Look for cracks and gaps around your house and fill them with caulk so that heat isn’t wasted. Do this in your basement around windows, etc.
-Replace missing or damaged weather stripping on your doors. It’s amazing how much cold air can come in underneath a door that is missing weather stripping.
-Put away lawn furniture or anything else you have outside during the summer. It’s easier to do it before snow starts to fall. Also, outdoor summer things can probably handle rain and sun, but they may not be made to handle heavy snow.
-Have plenty of rock salt and shovels for when the snow starts. You will be prepared and won’t have to drive to get supplies in a snow storm.