Cory Adams, Gardner’s resident fitness guru.  Make sure you read about keeping the fat off during the holidays here.
6 things to help you lose more weight and keep it off
Whether  you are at you target goal or are very close and plan on losing a few more.  I am going to give you some tips on how to maintain your weight and to even lose a few more.  If this article applies to you then you will know that this is indeed a lifestyle.  It took some time but you finally there or are on you way.  So I hope that this will help you.
1.  Once you lose the weight, get rid of all your old clothes.  Don’t store them in the attic.  That is so messed up.  When you do that your telling yourself that your going to gain the weight back.  GIT RID OF IT NOW!!
2.  Don’t skip meals.  This can slow down your metabolism and cause to over eating late in the day.
3.  Exercise daily.  Do exactly what you have been doing.   Try interval training like a boot camp.  Cardio mixed with strength training.
4.  Weigh yourself weekly.  This will help you stay on track and to keep from gaining much weight.  If you go up a pound or two you know that you have to get back on track or soon you be right back where you started.
5.  Continue to eat Healthy.  Just because you hit your goal doesn’t mean you should start eating Burger King and McDonalds.  You didn’t get to where you are now by eating that so why start.  Continue to balance out your meals with a variety of healthy food.
6.  Get plenty of sleep.  If you skip out on sleep your more likely to be tired and skip out on your workout.  Lack of sleep can also lead to tempting quick sugar filled snacks.  Make sure that you  hit the hay early and it will make for a much more enjoyable day.
I hope some of these tips help with you and you fitness goals.   If your not to your goal or are just getting started then just keep going at it.  Read this article and remember that all of these tips listed  above can  also aid in you getting on the right road to your own personal goals.  If you have any questions be feel free to leave them in the comment box below or contact me.  I will be happy to answer them.  Good Luck!
Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at [email protected]
The Gardner News is not responsible for the advice of our community contributors. Please consult a Dr. beforestarting any fitness regiment.