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Cory Adams, Gardner’s resident fitness guru.  Did you read the two part series about setting yourself up to succeed? See Part1 here and Part2 here.
Thanksgiving 44 days, Christmas 75 days
If you didn’t know, I will remind you that those dreaded Holidays are just around the corner.  With Halloween just weeks away we forget that Thanksgiving is just 44 days away.  Christmas is right behind it 75 days from today.  Now if your like me then you love this time of year.  I love Thanksgiving through Christmas.  But I also know from talking with so many of my clients that it is a really hard time for most.  So I am going to outline some different things you can do to be ready for it and maybe lose a few pounds too.
Just when your kids Halloween candy is gone, it seams like Thanksgiving hits.  Now it’s a smorgasbord of fattening pies,  tons of bread and dinner rolls, mommas stuffing and Grandma’s mashed potatoes and gravy.  Once that is over then you have to start doing all that Christmas shopping.  People start talking about family pictures and Christmas cards.   Oh and don’t forget about all those Christmas parties you have to attend either.  And now that I reminded you , your ready to pull your hair out already.
So before I get you to stressed out let me give you 4 tips that will help you enjoy the Holidays.
1.  Start working out right now….don’t wait until Monday, start today. That’s right!  Run to your phone and call me.  Put on your workout clothes and come to boot camp.  If you start eating healthy now and working out daily.  People wont be talking about  anything but how good you are looking.  If you start now by Christmas you could be down 15-20 pounds.
2.  Try and start looking up healthy recipes for pies, cookies or whatever it is you make for the holidays. By doing this you have a chance to make them a time or two before the actual day you need them comes.  This will let you tweak the recipe some if it needs it and your new dish will be what everyone is talking about.
3.  Don’t wait to join a Boot camp or Gym on Jan. 1st. If you want to check out my boot camp for free go to  Feel free to come by and check it out for free no questions asked.  If you wait until Jan. 1st there is a good chance the classes will be full and the gyms will be packed.
4.  Set some short term realistic goals. Set some short goals that you can reach and accomplish during these times.  Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds by Christmas.  Then set a short term goal of 5 pounds per month.  Or you want to workout 3-4 days a week.  Then do it!
I believe that these 3 tips will really help you get focused on the upcoming holidays.  I know for a fact that if you work out daily you will be a more happy person.  So instead of being stressed and unhappy, maybe this  year you will be happy and maybe even wearing a different size of clothing.  Please feel free to leave any feedback for me at the bottom of this page.  And if you have any questions please contact me anytime.
Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at
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