Now is the time for both Gardner and Edgerton city councils to shine. With the biggest project in the state coming to our communities, all eyes are going to be on us as the intermodal  draws nearer.
The bitterness and division only serve to humiliate the area rather than unite them at a time when cooperation is very much needed.
The joint meeting of Gardner and Edgerton’s city council had enough tension to cut it with a knife.
Rivalries between the two towns date back to the Civil War when tent cities would spring up over night to vote for against being a free state. They’ve continued to this day.
But now is the time to drop the old baggage and join together for the betterment of both towns.
That unity should include USD231, the largest local taxing entity, which the communities have shared for about 50 years.
Unfortunately, they are not included in the joint meetings.
It’s true school districts have no say in tax abatements, but there are many more decisions that will effect them including: potential growth, planning and truck routes.
All three boards have good, responsible people on them who serve for little reward. However, they seem to function independently of each other. Gardner, Edgerton and the school board need to communicate and be involved in this as a cohesive unit. Maybe they are. We hope so, but it’s not readily apparent.
It’s time to put any past conflict or personality conflicts and work toward the good of all the area’s residents.
We encourage citizens to be aware of the issues and hold elected officials, and developers, accountable.