Members of the Gardner City Council will consider amending a truck route ordinance to designate new streets for truck traffic use during a meeting on Sept. 7.
The existing ordinance adopted in 1990 designated Center Street, Cherokee Street – west of Center Street; Madison Street, Main Street, Moonlight Road, Sycamore Street – between Warren and Main Streets; Warren Street and 175th Street as designated truck routes within the city.
The ordinance stipulates that trucks passing through town use the designated routes. Proposed changes to the ordinance would designate Center Street south of Gardner Road, 183rd Street between Center Street and Moonlight Road, 167th Street between Moonlight and Waverly Roads, Main Street, Old U.S. 56 Highway, and 175th Street west of Waverly Road and east of Interstate 35 as truck routes.
Cherokee, Sycamore and Warren Streets are removed from the list in proposed changes to the ordinance, because trucks making local deliveries or pickups are exempt. Trucks involved in construction projects within the city are also exempted.
The penalty for violating the ordinance is $50 to $200 per offense.
The council will also discuss a resolution in support of tax credits for a multi-family low-income housing development to be constructed at Waverly Pointe. The resolution would support tax credits for 48 dwelling units.
The city council meeting will start at 7 p.m. on Sept. 7 at City Hall, 120 E. Main Street. The entire agenda can be viewed online here.