Mica Marriott
The Gardner Edgerton High School Cross Country Team will compete with over 100 schools by the time state-championships come around this fall season. For the last thirty years, one of the most challenging opponents for GEHS Cross Country has been Baldwin during the Frontier League. Another opponent they look forward to competing against this season is Lansing.
Coach Larry Ward said, “Our girls had good matches last year with Lansing, they beat us at regional by one point, but we beat them at state.”
Coach Ward explained both squads have “lost significant senior talent from last year.”  The girls won 4th at the 5A State Championship last year, and returning this year is six of the top seven runners from last season. Both boy and girl squads will rely on the sophomore class which is making up the largest XC team in all of Gardner Edgerton High School history.
Coach Ward said, “What I expect this year and every year from every athlete is discipline, commitment, and sacrifice.  If we see these attributes from our kids I’m satisfied win or lose.”
Coach Ward explained why he enjoys coaching Cross Country, “I can’t begin to express the honor and joy that I feel working with cross country athletes, for the most part these are people who are self-driven. These athletes hold themselves to a very high standard, and they don’t need somebody watching and cheering them on to do it.”
One meditation Coach Ward has instilled in his runners is, “Talk is cheap, if you want to say something, speak with your feet!”