Cory Adams, Gardner’s resident fitness guru. (Did you read last weeks 1st installment The Problem?)
So here are some suggestions that I think will maybe start to help you get your kids off the couch and active:
1.  Set up a family contest that requires the whole family to compete in events like the Olympics.  Make them run around the house or bike around the block.  Get creative.
2.  On the weekends do a park tour of Gardner or in whatever city you live.  Go to each park for 20 min and leave and head to the next one.  Here is a link to all the parks in Gardner.
3.  Get rid of the gaming systems.  If you can’t get rid of them, take them out of your kids rooms and have a central location for the gaming systems in your living room.
4.  Take TVs out of their rooms.   This will also bring your family closer.  For computers, set parental locks so they have to ask to use them.
5.  Check into your local schools and find out what’s in there food and what we can do to make it healthier.
6.  Take your kids to the store and only shop around the outside of the store.  Challenge them to find apples, carrots, eggs, milk etc.  Make it a scavenger hunt.
7.  Let them cook with you and teach them what their eating and why it’s healthy.  They will want to do what you’re doing.
8.  Stop rewarding kids with food.  This is a bad habit.  No pop after games or McDonalds after a ball game.
9.  Start eating at the table.  No eating while watching TV this is creating bad habits.
10.  Get help if you don’t know what to do but want to change you and your family’s lifestyle.
Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at
The Gardner News is not responsible for the advice of our community contributors. Please consult a Dr. beforestarting any fitness regiment.