The Spring Hill School District announced its 2010 ACT results hit a seven-year high, which was also above the state average.  High school students who are college-bound take the ACT as a readiness test prior to continuing their education. This year, the district had 92 students take the ACT as a benchmark.
Five-year Trend Information:
2010 – District Composite Score: 22.6 (State Composite Score: 22.0)
2009 – District Composite Score: 21.2
2008 – District Composite Score: 22.1
2007 – District Composite Score: 21.7
2006 – District Composite Score: 21.5
“Looking beyond the composite score, the ACT results show that taking upper-level coursework beyond core classes throughout their high school career score improves students’ achievement,” said  Karen Brack, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment.
“At Spring Hill High School (SHHS), the administration and staff are committed to creating a culture of high expectations for students,” said Angelo Cocolis, principal of SHHS.
He also reiterated that students are encouraged to take more challenging courses in order to be better prepared for their post-secondary education.
In addition, SHHS offers a semester-long  ACT preparation course that helps students maximize their results. All sophomores will also be taking the plan test, which is a practice ACT, to identify areas that need to be strengthened prior to taking the official test.