Press release by the city of Gardner
The intersection and traffic signal have been designed to allow westbound traffic on U.S. 56 Highway to flow freely without stopping (westbound traffic will have a green light at all times).  All other traffic movements (from Old 56 Highway turning westbound [left] onto U.S. 56 Highway; traffic turning south [left] from westbound U.S. 56 Highway to Old 56 Highway; and all traffic on eastbound U.S. 56 Highway) will be controlled by the traffic signal.
Concrete medians are being installed on U.S. 56 Highway at the intersection to channel traffic turning left from Old 56 Highway into a westbound lane that will allow drivers to merge onto westbound U.S. 56 Highway.  This design was implemented because the intersection is in close proximity to the westbound ramp from New Century Boulevard, and there is inadequate distance for drivers to merge and stop at a traffic signal.
Thank you for your patience during construction.  Please drive carefully through this intersection as motorists adjust to the new signal and revised layout.
If you have additional questions regarding this project, please contact Gardner Public Works at 913-856-0914 or KDOT at 913-764-0987.  This project was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and is being administrated by the Kansas Department of Transportation.
New stop signs at West 175th Street and Waverly Road
Currently, stop signs are located on Waverly Road only, and traffic traveling east and west on W. 175th Street does not stop. However, due to increased traffic at this intersection, a four-way stop is now warranted based on engineering analysis.
Stop signs will be installed on W. 175th Street in both directions at the intersection, as well as stop ahead signs in advance of the intersection. Additionally, flags will be installed on the stop ahead signs and flashing beacons installed on all four stop signs for a 30-day period to alert the public to this change.
Please contact Gardner Public Works at 913-856-0914 if you have any questions.