Johnson County’s 2030 Citizens Visioning Committee (CVC) is launching its first of three online community workshops from through Aug. 15 to seek input from local stakeholders and citizens on issues that should be included in the visioning process.

The online community workshop will be accessible on the Citizens Visioning Committee’s website at The website can be found though an icon on Johnson County’s main website at and from a link on the Office of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners’ webpage.

Issues generated by the Citizens Visioning Committee to-date will be presented as a starting point for consideration. Based on input received as part of the workshop, these issues will be confirmed and carried forward or flagged for additional discussion with the CVC.

Workshop participants will have two primary options for providing input:
Online Questionnaire —  the questionnaire will walk participants through each topic, summarizing the range of issues that have been  identified for each topic and asking participants to respond to two key questions:

Do you feel the list above captures the range of issues related to this topic that should be considered as part of the visioning process?

What would you change or add?

Ideas Forum — this section of the workshop will offer participants a more informal means of providing input versus the Online Questionnaire.  Upon entering the Ideas Forum, participants will be able to post issues by topic that they think should be considered by the CVC as part of the visioning process.  Issues will be viewable by topic and may be selected by other participants to help indicate general levels of support for different ideas by forum participants.

The 2010 Johnson County Snapshot Report of the CVC will be available for download for review by participants in the Online Community Workshop. Key information will be summarized to provide a basis for questions.

Following the August 2-15 workshop, input received will be synthesized, distributed to the CVC, and posted on the committee’s website.

The website and Online Community Workshops were established by the Citizens Visioning Committee in partnership with Clarion Associates, a professional facilitator selected to provide visioning services for the CVC.

The Citizens Visioning Committee with 37 members is charged with ensuring a broad-based, inclusive process that incorporates and respects the voices of the full community. The process is expected to take a year, including the scheduling of public open houses and forums. Future public meetings/events will be posted on the new website along with announcing the dates of two future online workshops.

The CVC is required to submit a final report to the Board of County Commissioners that identifies specific goals to be achieved by 2030 along with associated strategies and action plans. Completion of the report is expected by mid-2011.