Corbin H. Crable
[email protected]
The city of Edgerton has no plans to amend its 2010 budget, according to City Administrator David Dillner.
The Gardner News had contacted Dillner in the spring to alert him to discrepancies between the budget it submitted to the state and the version that appeared on the city’s website.
Dillner had told The Gardner News in the late spring and early summer that if necessary, the city would conduct a public hearing to update the budget. However, he said on Aug. 10 that he had spoken with the Department of Municipal Services within the Kansas Department of Administration and been told the city is not required to amend its budget. Legally, the version submitted to the Kansas Secretary of State is the city’s official budget.
“According to officials within the division, the city is not required to amend the budget to resolve the outstanding issues, provided the city does not spend more than its published budgetary authority,” Dillner explained. “If you’ll remember, there are two versions of the budget document. The first was published and the second was posted on the city’s website. According to state law, the published budget is the legally binding budget. The city cannot exceed the published expenditures without amending the budget.”
Dillner said that if the need arises, the city will amend its budget, but that for now, there are no plans to do so.
“At this time, the city is estimating that an amendment to the budget is not necessary,” Dillner continued. “The city monitors its expenditures throughout the course of a year. If it is determined that expenditures may exceed the published budgetary authority, the city will gladly amend its budget.”
The Gardner News contacted Mark Handshy, accountant with the Kansas Department of Administration’s Municipal Services, who verified that there was no need for the city of Edgerton to submit an amended budget for 2010.
The city continues talks on its 2011 budget, however, and will conduct a public hearing on the issue at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 26 at the Community Center, 404 E. Nelson St. The city must submit its 2011 to the state by the end of the month.
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