Cory Adams, Gardner’s resident fitness guru. (Did you read last weeks article about Six Packs?)

Beating the Freshman 15

Its about that time of year where some of you are shipping your kids off to there first year of College. And your worried about them for so many different reasons. Maybe its will they be homesick, who is there roommate going to be, but have you thought about them packing on 15 pounds in there first year in college? Well the term freshman 15 means exactly that. And its actually pretty common.
In recent studies it has shown that some first year students will gain weight. It may not be the full 15 pounds. In other studies it shows that the average college student gains from 3-10 pounds within there first 2 years. You might be thinking 3-5 pounds what’s the big deal.? Well doctors are concerned that this is creating a bad habit and can continue down a long road of battling weight loss.
There are many reasons that lead to the freshman 15. College has so much to offer. You are often alone and free to eat whatever you want. If you haven’t been teaching you kids healthy eating habits then you don’t really expect them to just start eating healthy do you? Another reason is because most of the food that college students eat is from the dining halls and they are full of sugar and preservatives. Lack of exercise is a huge part of it. Kids now eat pretty poorly but they are involved in so many spots and activities in high school that you don’t ever really see them gaining weight. But once the sports stop and those eating habits continue…..Watch out! Lets not forget about all the late night snacking and alcohol consumption that goes on at college campuses either. And then there is the lack of exercise and sleep that all leads to that 15 pound weight gain.
College is also a time of many changes for kids. Changes that lead to eating to overcompensate and deal with these pressures. Some of the reasons for overeating may be homesickness, anxiety, sadness, and stress. All these factors can contribute to the freshman 15.
So how can you help you kids avoid the freshman 15? Well here are some good tips. Make sure to get daily exercise. 45 minutes to an hour daily. Make sure to mix in strength training and cardio. Make sure they have a well balanced diet. Make sure they are getting plenty of sleep. Taking these steps will help them so much in college and down the road to the rest of there lives.
Here are also some quick tips on how to make healthier eating habits on campus.
1. Watch you food portions
2. Avoid eating when stressed, studying, and or watching T.V
3. Try to avoid going back for seconds
4. Avoid fast food
5. Avoid vending machines
6. Keep fresh fruit and veggies on hand in your room
7. Avoid late night snacking and binge drinking
In conclusion I hope this article helps. If you’re a parent, friend, family member of someone in college or about to leave for college make sure to pass this along. If you have questions and want to discuss this topic in further detail please feel free to contact me. And for more information on other topic just like this one please visit Legacy Fitness.
Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at [email protected]
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