Corbin H. Crable
Gardner Edgerton High School has a new logo for its football helmets, according to officials at the GEHS activities office.

The new logo

The new logo, unveiled earlier this week, features the school’s initials flanked by horns. The logo is outlined in blue.
Although the school’s early logo, a charging bull and covered wagon which adorns the gym floor, will remain there, activities office employees said that for now, the new logo will only be found on football helmets at the start of the 2010 season.
The new logo replaces the school’s supplementary blue Trailblazer logo, which is being phased out due to copyright concerns with the University of Texas.
Bill Miller, USD 231 Director of Operations, told The Gardner News on Wednesday that he has heard praise for the new logo this week.
“So far, the response has been quite positive,” Miller said.
He said the logo was designed by GEHS Football Coach Marvin Diener, with the help of a graphic artist. The two went through many designs before finally deciding on the new logo.
“Coach Diener and a graphic artist spend some time working on it,” Miller said. “I wish I could describe to you how excited (Diener) was. He said, ‘This is it.’”
Miller said the school will phase in the new logo much in the same way it did the old.
“It will become one of the supplementary logos to our primary logo,” he said. “It will eventually go on spiritware and merchandise. We hope it takes off like the old silhouette did.”
If the compliments from students, parents and faculty are any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem.
“We hope our faculty, staff and students latch onto this logo as tightly as they did the previous one,” Miller said.
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