Corbin H. Crable
As the Kansas City Logistics Park and intermodal facility charge closer to Edgerton, one area organization wants to strike up a relationship with the city.
Tom Riederer, president of the Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corp., has proposed a partnership between the EDC and the city of Edgerton. He briefly addressed the Edgerton City Council at its July 29 work session and said the EDC wishes to promote Edgerton more heavily in the coming months.
“We’ll try to make sure everyone knows that Edgerton is the host city for the intermodal,” Riederer told the governing body, adding that the EDC also will help market Edgerton to potential businesses the city may want to attract, such as convenience stores, restaurants, retail outlets and hotels.
“People will want to know that this a business-friendly, progressive area,” Riederer added.
The EDC suggested a one-year agreement with the city, in which Edgerton will pay annual membership fees of $25,000. In return, the EDC will promote the city to potential merchants and area organizations, as well as make annual reports to the city on what it is doing to meet its goals of promoting Edgerton.
Also, Riederer said, the EDC will secure advertising in print publications throughout the Kansas City metro area, including The Kansas City Business Journal, in order to further promote Edgerton.
Council members seemed receptive to Riederer’s proposal but will take action on the issue at a later date. Edgerton Mayor Don Roberts thanked Riederer for the offer and acknowledged that it is one of many that the city will be faced with in the coming months and years as development grows.
“Edgerton is definitely on the verge of moving in a whole new direction,” Roberts said.
In other business, the council discussed the city’s utility funds for fiscal year 2011. City Administrator David Dillner reported that Edgerton’s water sales for next year likely will be down due to the large amount of rain the area received this year. In all, Dillner said, the city expects to make $400,000 in water sales in 2011.
Dillner told the governing body that Edgerton residents will likely see no sewer rate increases in 2011, but that a 5-percent rate increase for water is possible because of the low water sales. On average, a 5-percent water rate increase would translate to an additional $2.62 paid per single-family household per month, Dillner said.
The council must still hold a public hearing on the 2011 budget, which must be approved and submitted to the Kansas Secretary of State by the end of the month.