Press release from Dennis Weinrich, TranSystem
The following is a summary of activities that are planned for Moonlight Road from Madison Street south to the south project limits for the week of Aug. 2, 2010.
Week of Aug. 2, 2010: Contractor personnel will begin placing the asphalt on the east half of the new Moonlight Road and this operation will continue through Wednesday. Side streets will remain open but will be reduced to one lane while asphalt is placed on the other lane and as soon as that pass is rolled, traffic will be moved over to the new pavement and the other half will be paved. This operation is expected to take about half an hour for each half of east Lincoln Lane, east Moonlight Plaza, east Warren Street and Buffalo Street. Commercial entrances will be closed for a few minutes as the paving and rolling operations cross with each pass of the paving.
Paving will start at 7 a.m. Monday south of Buffalo Street and proceed to the north. Please be alert with all the equipment and trucks in the work area and obey instructions of the flag persons directing you through the work area.
It is expected that the first and second lifts of asphalt will be completed in three days and on Thursday or Friday they will begin installing the new curb and gutter. This operation will disrupt the side street like the paving and they will be reduced to one lane for a brief period of time. Entrances will not be affected during this part of the curb and gutter installation. The entrance pavement and curb and gutter will be installed hopefully next week.
Adverse weather could affect the above schedule and future updates will describe changes in the schedule.
Your patience is appreciated during this period of time when your access is affected. If you have questions related to the construction activities, please contact Dennis Weinrich of TranSystems at (314) 280-9657.