Corbin H. Crable
One Gardner man’s dream of a radio station that would cater to a variety of musical tastes became a reality on Friday morning with the launch of WUCA Radio.
Charlie Wyatt started the radio station, which can be found online at, in late spring, and it went live during a press conference Friday morning at the Gardner branch of the Johnson County
Public Library. The station plays a mixture of rap, heavy metal, rock, soft rock and country, all with a Christian focus.
WUCA Radio also will feature talk shows and news programs, said Wyatt, who added that WUCA Radio stands for “Wake Up and Come Alive.”

Reno, Nev.-based model Abby Whitney speaks at a press conference for the launch of WUCA Radio on Friday at the library in Gardner. The online radio station was founded by Gardner resident Charlie Wyatt. Staff photo by Corbin H. Crable

“This is a really exciting thing that’s happening here in Gardner,” said Jim Christine, WUCA Radio program director.
Christine introduced local radio personality Koko Conley, who will host a talk show for WUCA Radio. Her show, “Coffee with Koko,” will feature discussion and advice for women and mothers on a range of topics.
“We’ll be talking to ladies about how to get your kids to go to bed at night, or how you feel when your husband leaves his socks on the floor,” Conley told the audience Friday. “We’ll also talk about building your relationship with God. WUCA is promoting Christianity in a very positive way.”
Conley’s show also will feature Christian bands and comedians with what she described as a “positive” act. “Coffee with Koko” will begin July 31 and be featured from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
WUCA Radio disc jockey Aaron Bishop also discussed his own background and his relationship with the new radio station. Bishop, who briefly played professional basketball, said he decided to work in radio at the urging of a friend. He said that, having worked in the industry for a while, he’s excited about becoming involved with Wyatt’s latest venture.
“I promise you that WUCA Radio will compete with local media … and media on a national scale,” said Bishop, who will host a sports show on the station. Turn on WUCA Radio and you’ll end up with a better day than you were having.”
Wyatt also flew in renowned model Abby Whitney to speak at the radio launch. Whitney, who hails from Reno, Nevada, said she was happy to help WUCA Radio after being contacted on Facebook. She specifically said she hopes to help promote a “positive” approach to news on the station.
“I’d like to see the news … to where the messages are positive and you feel good after hearing them,” Whitney said.
Whitney praised the station’s overall format and how it tries to reach a diverse audience.
“They don’t preach to you. It’s very subtle,” Whitney said. “It’s an amazing experience being part of something so huge.”
Wyatt said he already sees WUCA Radio’s success in the number of fans it has all over the world. Wyatt said WUCA has gained listeners in Canada, Kenya, Colombia, India and Germany, among other countries.
And Wyatt said that although he and his wife, Crystal, are currently operating the small radio station out of their own house, they plan to move into a building on Santa Fe Street sometime in early September.
He said that with WUCA Radio’s variety of musical styles and its promotion of independent and up-and-coming artists, the radio station is poised for a bright future.
“We’ve noticed the explosion of Internet radio, and we think we can give our competition a run for their money,” he said. “We look for good things for WUCA Radio.”
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