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Cory Adams, Community Contributor – Gardner Fitness Guru
Letter from your Belly Fat.
Hey there this is a letter from you BFF, Belly Fat. I Wanted to Thank You! Its been a great run this summer so far and now I am preparing for Winter. We sat around a lot and ate some great food this summer, thanks.
The reason I am writing you is because, well, I have been talking with Thunder Thighs, Butt Fat and Back Fat and we are thinking about hanging around again this next year. I know we discussed leaving for good but we changed our minds. So if its OK with you we are going to stay?
Can you do me a favor though and avoid that awesome Legacy Fitness Boot Camp program I keep hearing you talk about? Word around town is that the people in that program are buying new clothes, getting lots of confidence and losing tons of body fat. Lets not get crazy we have such a good thing going.
The last time you worked out really hard and stuck to it you just about got rid of me. My feelings were really hurt. It was like a torch was lit under your butt. Butt Fat was burning up…..literally. You were so much more happy, confident and energized. You really had me scared with all that motivation. I mean you were even telling others about how great you felt and how much fun you were having working out.
What you should do is stick to the occasional walks or hit the treadmill. I mean I get a little sweaty and that brain up there thinks its getting a great workout but its not moving me anywhere.
Oh and don’t listen to that crazy trainer Cory from Legacy Fitness talking about making interval training an everyday type of thing. It’s absurd to believe anything he says about eating healthy. I mean all that beer, pop, sweets and fast food is the bomb diggity.
Since Interval training, like at Boot Camp, combined with healthy eating is proven to work lets just take the easy road shall we? I mean you don’t want to start planning a going away party for me do you? That might get costly! Buying new clothes, eating healthy foods, and Vacations and you’ll get so sick of everyone asking you what you have been doing and telling you how great you look.
Oh yeah I almost forgot, you might want to think about getting some bigger jeans for winter because I am totally thinking about expanding. Plus there is so many other things coming up like the Holidays. I am sure we will be in touch as long as you stay away from Cory at Legacy Fitness and all his crazy, fun and rewarding workouts.
Anyways, I will be seeing you around unless you decide to join that Legacy Fitness Boot camp. I think you should keep me that way next summer we can do this all over again. Oh and don’t forget we need to get together and get our list of excuses on why we cant workout or exercise. I think I will go with the, “I am really busy” excuse as my number one.
Please, please, please I am begging you don’t join Cory at Legacy Fitness. If you do you will have to say good bye to all of us. I can speak for all your pals; Back Fat, Butt Fat, Thunder Thighs, Man boobs, Muffin top, Jiggle Arms, Cankels and Gobbler Neck when we say, please don’t go!
Sincerely, Belly Fat.
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Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at
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