Veronica Mullin
Guest Columnist
Doing drugs isn’t a recreational sport, but it really seems to draw the crowds.
Maybe I’m just crazy, but I fail to see the attraction.
I believe that drugs destroy everyone who uses them. Everything is habit-forming, and once you’re hooked you’ll use until you kill yourself, or at least mangle your brain and body into a useless pulp.
Once, in my debate class at school, I voiced this thought. The second the words left my mouth, I was ridiculed by a boy in the class- “Shut up and smoke a bowl, and you’ll feel better.”
Excuse me?
It makes me really sad to know that kids in this community spend their time poisoning themselves. From seeing my peers roll joints in dark corners at the county fair to reading Facebook statuses posted while under the influence of drugs, I can’t help but be disappointed that this is the norm.
However, I can’t just call out the kids. Adults are culprits too. I remember finding out that a close adult friend of mine, someone I truly looked up to and spent a lot of time with, was once a heroin addict. She’d been in and out of rehab and had struggled with it for several years. Once I knew this, I realized that she still bears the marks from her addiction. For all I know, she could still be battling it.
Ever seen an episode of Intervention? Occasionally, as I’m flipping channels, I’ll stop on it out of curiosity. Every single time, I can’t stand to watch more than a few minutes. It’s gross, disheartening, and upsetting to watch these addicts mindlessly ruin themselves as their families try desperately to make them realize that they’re heading quickly to destruction.
Too many people are wasting their time and potential on drugs. Whether they’ll fight and succumb for their entire lives or eventually save themselves, it’s difficult not to wonder whether they will ever feel any regret for their decisions. I don’t ever want to be caught in that kind of life, and I can’t imagine anyone else who would.
So while the world around us falls into the trappings of hallucinogens, chemicals and injections, you can bet that I’ll be part of the group dedicated to keeping their minds and bodies clean. I want to make something out of my life, and pardon me if I’m wrong, but there’s nothing appealing about living in a haze.