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Cory Adams, Community Contributor – Gardner Resident Fitness Expert
Quit Making Excuses and Get Motivated
As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Boot Camp Instructor  you can image the amount of excuses I have heard throughout the years.  I understand its part of the job so I  don’t look to much into them.  A lot of my job as a trainer is to keep people accountable and to motivate.  But you need to understand that most of the time Excuses are just well planned lies.  Most of the time its just that we are to dang lazy to do anything that particular day, week or even month unless there is some sort of easy button we can push.
So rather then go into what excuses are acceptable for missing a workout or exercise lets look more into ways that we can get off our rumps and start sweating.  So hear are some alarming static’s that you should know in case you decide to stay on the couch.
1.  Did you know that if a child has one parent that is obese then that child has a 50% chance of being obese as an adult and if that same child has two parents that are obese then they have an 80% chance of being obese.
2. Kansas ranks 16th as the fattest state in the U.S
3.  28.2 % of people in Kansas are obese…I could go all day long with these facts and numbers.  But I don’t want to dwell on the bad stuff, I am a positive thinker.
So here are 7 reasons to think about as to why you should stop making excuses and start getting your fitness on.
1.  Be a role model to your kids, friends and family.
2.  Add years onto your life.
3.  Have much more energy everyday
4.  You like shopping for new clothes.
5.  Your tired of being depressed and want to be happy again.
6. You enjoy being challenged.
7. Being more sexy for your significant other.
Now hopefully I have your attention and now your ready to start doing something but maybe asking “what now?”    Well here you go, this is how you get excited and motivated to start getting in shape.   1. Download some completely new Upbeat Music 2. Write down why your doing this.  3. Take a before picture because your gunna want to take an after picture.  4. Commit to it at the very min. 3 days a week  5. Push yourself as hard as you can.  6. Make no excuses  7. Pray about it.  8. Surround yourself around positive people and things.  9. Clean up your diet. 10. Stop saying I cant….start saying I can and I will and I have. 11. Never give up  12. Never stop working or trying.  13. Set realistic and small obtainable goals  14. Absolutely GET AFTER IT!!
I hope that these tips help you to change the way that you think and also help you get more active.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to try one of my classes.
If you have any questions or want more information please contact Cory Adams at
Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at
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