Veronica Mullin
The construction on Moonlight Road has done much to annoy some Gardner residents and drivers, but it hasn’t seemed to affect the way they spend their time and money. Most of the shops and services located in Moonlight Plaza have surprisingly seen little to no change in their business patterns, according to some business owners.

Merchants with businesses along Moonlight Road say construction on the street hasn’t affected business as of late. The construction project, slated to be done next year, aims to widen Moonlight from two lanes to four. Staff photo by Veronica Mullin

The object of the construction is to widen Moonlight from two to four lanes.
In the process a lot of pavement has been torn up, including many street-side driveways. Left behind are deep dips for drivers to ease their cars through as they proceed to shopping centers, restaurants, and connecting streets that lead them to their destinations.
However, the businesses in Moonlight Plaza don’t seem to be bothered. From beauty services to banking, little effect has been seen in their day-to-day operation. The work is annoying, but not hurting them.
Howard Terry of Electric Sun Tanning Salon said that although the construction certainly has affected his business in some ways, his customers have overall been good.
“We have about four (customers) per day, sometimes less,” Terry said. “That’s not too awful.”
Electric Sun sees somewhere around 90 people each month, and that number still hasn’t changed much. Although some of his customers complain about the traffic and the dips in the road, they still come in. Terry said they’re just lucky the roadwork didn’t start during their busiest time of year.
“If this had started in February, March or April, it would have been a much bigger problem,” Terry said. “As for right now, you could call it the economy.”
On the other end of the plaza is Central National Bank. They, too, have seen hardly any effects that the road work might impose.
“If you have to bank, you have to bank,” CNB President Aaron Wyant said. “Although the economy has its impacts, it won’t keep people from using banking services.
“All the construction has really done is made my vehicle dirtier,” Wyant said. “But I understand it’s a Kansas project, so it’d be nice if they could find a few bucks to put in a [traffic] light down here.”
The Moonlight Road project is expected to be complete in spring 2011, according to the city of Gardner.