To the delight of many mothers after a long loud summer, school begins in Gardner Monday. To the estimated 1,375 students who will be attending here, it may be somewhat less delightful, but necessary all the same.

Eight-two teachers including 12 new ones to the Gardner system, reported to the school this week for orientation. Ted A. Parry, who begins his 18th year as superintendent of the system will be assisted by Russell Chambers, high school principal; Wesley Oyer, Nike Junior High principal; Doyle Stevens, principal of the elementary school in Gardner; and Robert Ledom, Edgerton elementary principal as well as curriculum coordinator for the district. Ledom is new this year.

All fifth grade classes will be held at the Edgerton campus, while sixth grade classes are all at Gardner. First through fourth grade classes are at both schools.

Enrollment for students who had not pre-enrolled last year, was held this week.

New teachers in the system include: Mrs. Joyce Anderson, English in the high school, holds a BA from William Woods in Missouri and is from Prairie Village.

Mrs. Susan Barillo, high school physical education, holds a BSE from Central Missouri State and is from Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Mrs. LeDean Brown will teach high school English. She holds a BS from Mid American Nazarene and is from Lawrence.

Mrs. Janie Cavitt will teach social studies in the junior high school. She holds a BS from Kansas University and is from Leavenworth.

Mrs. Marsha Toos, a new teacher for the elementary school holds a BS from Kansas State and is from Sharon Springs, Kan. She will teach sixth grade.
Ledom, who will be principal at Edgerton, is a Wichita State University graduate and is from Ottawa, Kan.

Karen McKenzie will teach junior high school art. She holds a BA from Ottawa University and is from Ottawa.

Barry Porter will teach high school art. He attended Western State at Gunnison, Colo. where he holds a BA. He is from Denver.

Lana Randel will teach elementary music. She has a BME from Baker University and is from Bison, Kan.

John Schwab, a new sixth grade teacher in Gardner elementary, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He holds a BS from that institution. He is from Kansas City, Kan.

Mrs. Pat Simonson will teach third grade at Edgerton. She holds a BS from Kansas State Teachers College and is from Wakefield, Kan.

Deborah Lowe will teach special education at the high school. Her degree, a BS, is also from Kansas State Teachers College, and she is from Leavenworth.