The star attractions of the June 26 Frontier Days parade were this small monkey riding a small pony, which drew “aaawwws” from passersby. Both animals were part of a traveling petting zoo sponsored by Staples Safari. Staff photo by Corbin H. Crable

Members of the Gardner Edgerton High School marching band make their way down Nelson Street on Sunday morning in downtown Edgerton. The band was one of many individuals and groups to march in the annual Edgerton Frontier Days parade. Staff photo by Corbin H. Crable

Although he wasn’t able to participate in the turtle and frog races Friday evening at Edgerton Frontier Days, this large tortoise still watched the slow-moving action — and plenty of people watched him in turn. The tortoise, part of the Staples Safari petting zoo, is 70 years old and weighs 200 pounds. Staff photo by Corbin H. Crable

Event organizer Mike Schmidt introduces outgoing Edgerton Elementary Principal Sharon Buffington (middle) and administrative assistant Kathy McIntire. Buffington and McIntire were grand marshalls for the event. Staff photo by Corbin H. Crable