Get Healthy Gardner!
Cory Adams, Gardner’s Fitness Guru
As a Personal Trainer and Boot Camp instructor, I have had many women tell me that they don’t want to do a lot of strength training because they don’t want to bulk up.  Let me explain why this isn’t going to happen.
To bulk up it takes a lot of weight lifting and serious amounts of protein in your diet.  Strength Training will increase how much muscle you have.   But it will do this without bulking you up much. Also by adding more muscle it will also speed up your metabolism.  By speeding up your metabolism you will burn off your food faster and burn more body fat. Which is going to make you lose weight and tone your body so you look skinny and lean.
The reason that women don’t bulk up like men typically do is because women don’t produce enough testosterone (the hormone that allows men to build muscle) so it is very unlikely that women will ever bulk up without lifting a lot of weight and adding a lot of protein to there diets.
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Cory Adams is a local resident of Gardner Kansas and a Christian personal trainer.  Cory is a personal trainer and runs a boot camp at the New Life Community Church off Moonlight Road. Email Cory at
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