The Character Education programs utilized across the Gardner-Edgerton school district were reviewed by the District Character Education/Safe Schools Committee. A number of programs already in place were scored according to a rubric. In conclusion, the Committee made recommendations that will standardize programs for the 2010-2011 academic year. The new curriculum that will be taught is comprised of age-appropriate material that encourages good student behavior and knowledge and has been found to have positive effects on all students.
In addition to implementing new material, the Committee decided that further utilization of School Resource Officers will be beneficial. The officers will make classroom visits and provide instruction to students in grades K-12.
Recently, the United States Surgeon General presented that the implementation of the DARE program in 5th grade classes has not been shown to reduce or delay risk for substance abuse. Surrounding districts have implemented other curricular programs in place of DARE, but the Committee does not suggest dropping the program. Instead, the program will be changed to a more updated approach across multiple grades.
— Veronica Mullin