Catherine Mullane

There is a problem in our community with animals off leash. I have walked my dog, Darby, every day for the last four years. On a number of occasions another dog comes out of nowhere without an owner. I had to resort to carrying pepper spray to try to keep other dogs away from us.
Unfortunately, on Saturday, June 19 while we were on our daily walk, a dog ran up and attacked my dog. My pepper stray did not operate properly and I was unable to ward off the attacking dog. My dog sustained internal injuries and had to be euthanized. I have lost my constant companion of nine years.
He was my perpetual toddler. I miss him so.
I have made it my mission to make Gardner residents aware of this problem.
It is every Gardner resident’s responsibility to help make our community a safer place for its residents, both human and pet.
Just take a few precautions.
For dog owners:
If you have a dog, make sure you never open your door without having your dog in a kennel or in another room with the door closed.
If you have a fenced yard, never let your dog run loose in it unattended.
Chain your dog before you open the gate, or put your dog in the house before opening the gate. There is nothing wrong with being chained in a fence yard.
For all residents:
Call the Gardner Public Safety number if you see a dog off leash. Just enter the number into your cell phone so it is handy. (913)856-7312.
I have to live with the memories of my dog being torn to pieces by another dog. I do not want any other Gardner resident to have to have that experience.
Just remember, animals are unpredictable. Next time it could be someone’s child.