Clara Marie White

I’m wondering how much the Fourth of July Bash 2010 will cost me— Fourth of July Bash 2009 cost me $1,700.
The neighbors block off the street with the Edgerton City Council’s full permission. Thirty-year-olds-plus run down the street to circle in front of my house to shoot off the fireworks. My front yard, roof, and back deck looked like the city dump with fireworks debris from 12 noon to 12 midnight. The highlight of the day was at about 4 p.m., when they strung about 150 feet of fish line with red packages of firecrackers attached and threw the chain up over the street lamp in front of my house. Thirty-year olds-plus screamed with glee. My pet dogs were upset. I contacted poison control and was told to keep my pets indoors for one week and to water the lawn everyday for a week. No sleep for work the next day. (There are still burn marks on my driveway that won’t come off from Bash 2005, and I wasn’t even at home. Some of us had just moved into the new Bridgewater addition of ranch houses.)
• Last year’s Fourth of July Bash cost me $1,700—roof cleaning, deck refinishing as the debris that didn’t land on the roof went over and landed on the deck, two  sick pets with hospitalization, medications including IV medications.
• Every time it rained (and we had frequent heavy rains last year) more debris came out through the drain spouts; the roof dried out for the next rain and the smell stayed in my house for over three  months.
•  It took weeks for my lungs not to feel tight like concrete.
• We will be evacuating this year as our health is more important. We don’t want to be breathing all those cancer-causing chemicals (a lot of them are from China and are banned).
• Our hotel is $117 per night plus taxes; then, there will be roof cleaning and heavy ozone machines to clean the air in the house; if the house is set on fire, the insurance  deductible is $1,000.