Corbin H. Crable
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Everyone in Edgerton enjoyed the excitement of having a film crew in town and took every opportunity to get a glimpse of a movie in the making, but there was one person who got closer to the action than anyone.
In 1967, Diane Oglesby, now a Wellsville resident, was a teenager growing up in Garden City when she heard a movie based on the Clutter murders was being filmed in Garden City, Holcomb and Edgerton. She and her older sister, like many others in her neighborhood, hung out on the set for days on end. Eventually, Oglesby’s sister landed a date with Blake – but something about the actor unsettled both of the young girls.
“She didn’t want to go by herself (on the date), so I went with her,” Oglesby said. “I didn’t really like him, and I don’t think my sister did, either. That’s why she didn’t want to go anywhere alone with him.”
Ironically, of course, Blake was later thrust into the spotlight in 2002 when he was arrested in connection with the murder of his wife. Blake was later acquitted in that case.
Oglesby said a much greater honor for her was meeting Capote. She said she vividly recalls sitting on the arm of his chair while the author was on the set of the film. Oglesby said she recalls family and friends warning her to stay away from the author.
“They said, ‘He’s gay,’ but back then, I never saw that,” said Oglesby, who added that she was most impressed with Capote’s intelligence.
“That’s what got me the most – how smart he was,” she said. “It was mesmerizing.”
Oglesby said that overall, the generosity and kindness of the cast and crew showed her that they were simply “normal people.”
“They didn’t act like Hollywood,” she said. “They were kind and funny.”
Oglesby said she also remembers taking trips out to the Clutter house in Holcomb, where the long gravel road leading to the house was dotted with trees on either side.
“It was just gorgeous,” she said. “It was like somebody’s own private garden. We just loved going down that road. It was like a tunnel of trees.”
(To be continued)