Karen Rumble

Karen has lived in Gladstone, Mo., for the past 30 years but grew up in Garnett, Kan.
She is a Senior Vice President with Patriots Bank in Gardner and has worked there since 2002. However since it is a family-owned bank, she started working for the bank back in 1972 while she was in high school.  Karen spent 20 years working in banking in Kansas City, Kan. before joining “my family and coming to Gardner.”  She has been involved with the Gardner Area Chamber of Commerce since shortly after started working in Gardner and currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors.
Karen is married and has two daughters and one son-in-law.
Pets:  A Maltese named Buddy.
Movies she has seen recently:  “I haven’t been to the movies recently but I think the last one I saw was ‘The Blind Side.’”
Favorite musical artist or genre:  “I’m eclectic…love everything from country to jazz.”
What is your dream job?  “To be the custodian of millions of dollars and give it to people who really deserve it.”
What motto do you live your life by?  “I try to abide by ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’”
What do you enjoy most about working in Gardner?  What do you enjoy the least?  “I love the sense of community that is here.  It is growing but sill able to maintain the small town feel.  I just wish it were closer to Gladstone.”