From: Shawn Stevens, Lynne Shreve, Wes Stacy, Becky Shreve, David Fleming, Ken Nellor, Mike Kessler, Kevin Pyle
As spirited fans of Gardner High School, we feel our basketball team is being neglected. Our basketball team has an 11-2 record, but no one would even know it if they didn’t attend the games or read the out-of-town papers. The reason for this is clear: Not one write up has been in your paper concerning our basketball games! This is a shame, for everyone in Gardner should know how well our basketball team is representing Gardner.
The team appreciates all the support they can get. So far there has been a lot of attendance at the games, but more support is needed. The best way to scheive this is for you to acknowledge their existence.
We think it is about time your paper recognized our team for what they are – GREAT!
We would appreciate your participation in supporting our outstanding team in the future.