February 8, 2016

Zoning set for logistics park tenant

Danedri Thompson
The northeast corner of 191st Street and Homestead Lane has been rezoned from agriculture to heavy-industrial district.
Edgerton City Council members approved the rezoning of an 8.162 acre property that will eventually house the DeLong Company during a meeting Dec. 27.
The company, an exporter of containerized grain, will open an export facility in the KC Logistics Hub. DeLong is the first customer of the Allen Group, which is developing a logistics park adjacent to the intermodal.
When the DeLong Company first closed on the property in the logistics hub, Edgerton staff thought the land would be converted from agricultural zoning to logistics park zoning. However, according to Edgerton zoning codes, grain elevators are not permitted in that zoning designation.
Beth Linn, Edgerton city administrator, said city officials spent a lot of time drafting regulations for logistics park zoning, but did not foresee grain processing being a niche and therefore did not address it.
“Grain processing is a more intensive use than logistics park,” Linn told the council.
Once the DeLong Company finishes construction on the site, trucks will deliver grain to the facility where it will be repackaged into shipping containers and shipped by rail.
According to Linn, Edgerton planners, who are assisted by planners from Johnson County, will work to assure that the aesthetics in an industrial-heavy-zoned property are cohesive with those in the neighboring properties, which will likely be zoned logistics park in the future.
The majority of the DeLong property is bordered by the actual intermodal, but one side is along 191st Street. Linn said how the company landscapes along the road will be critical. Before the DeLong facility is constructed, city officials will be asked to approve a site plan.
In other business, Edgerton City Council members:
• approved a $24,000 contract with Candid Marketing for communications and strategic marketing services in 2013. Edgerton hired the marketing company in 2012.
• approved the purchase of a $48,902 crack sealing machine. Currently, the city rents a machine for crack sealing work at a cost of approximately $3,500 per week. Last year, Edgerton’s public works department leased a machine for two weeks.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    In order to protect the citizens I have to wonder if the city of Edgerton has met with Paul Welcome, Jo. Co. Appraiser, and made sure that this property will no longer be appraised as farm land but will now be appraised and taxed as heavy industrial use. Of course, the city of Edgerton did not protect the citizens when they gave the Allen Group a 10 YEAR 75% TAX INCENTIVE – citizens were financially raped right then and there and the financial rape doesn’t stop with just that.

    You continue to see banks, savings & loan associations, developers, builders, etc., etc. getting “farm” appraisals on their properties with no farming activities whatsoever on the land. This type of fraud creates $5, $6, etc. low tax bills which results in the decent taxpayers who meet their responsibilities by doing the right thing, the loss of millions and millions of tax revenue and which causes a higher tax bill for them. I haven’t seen Rob Olson, Sutton or any other Republican legislator submitting a bill for a previous leglislative session or new session to take care of this wrongdoing and doubt if I ever do and that is because those jaybirds don’t for the work for the average citizen in my opinion.

    Citizens who go along with all of this cronyism government have no one but themselves to blame for high taxes, cut in services and unfair and inequitable taxation. I also believe you will see your state legislators not keeping their promise on the reduction of the sales tax that was supposed to take effect this year. When you tell 191,000 business entities they no longer have to pay any state income tax and you have eliminated business personal property taxes and you have handed the thieves $1 BILLION in just this past year along with fraudulent appraisals and exemptions to all kinds of taxation for the special interests, then Joe Blow will be feeling the REAL affects of cronyism government – citizens have picked their poison here in Kansas and many will be sick because of it.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is a good example of what I see as fraudulent “farm” appraisals and how they can affect you as a taxpayer. The property located at 115 N. Moonlight, Gardner, Ks. is owned by Simmons First National Bank out of Pine Bluff, Ark. Their 2011 appraised value was $314,780 – this past spring they got a 2012 appraisal amount of $70, yes, I said $70. How did they get such a huge reduction in appraisal amount? They got their dear ole “farm” appraisal.

    Here is a breakdown in the taxes they paid for 2011:

    Tax Authority Rate Tax Amount
    STATE OF KS 1.5000 56.66
    JOHNSON CO 17.7000 668.61
    COMM CLGE 8.7760 331.50
    JO CO PARK 2.3430 88.50
    GARDNER CITY 31.1320 1,175.98
    231 UNIFIED 30.2560 1,142.89
    231 SCH GEN 20.0000 755.48
    231 BOND 32.3390 1,221.57
    JO CO LIB 3.1450 118.80

    Here is the breakdown of their taxes for 2012 with their lovely ‘farm” appraisal:

    Tax Authority Rate Tax Amount
    STATE OF KS 1.5000 .03
    JOHNSON CO 17.7170 .36
    COMM CLGE 8.7850 .18
    JO CO PARK 2.3440 .05
    GARDNER CITY 31.1400 .66
    231 UNIFIED 29.8390 .63
    231 SCH GEN 20.0000 .42
    231 BOND 32.5670 .68
    JO CO LIB 3.1490 .07

    You now get $3.08 from them for their property taxes with a grand total of $1.73 for schools. If you don’t think that is financial rape for the average citizen, then I think you need your head examined. You have Gardner Bank, Paul Licausi and his clients and others getting the same kind of deals while you have worthless politicians at the city, county and state levels turning their eyes away from this wrongdoing and acting like it doesn’t exist and yet they know it does because I have given them example after example of this kind of conniving and manipulation.

    Then to put the cherry on the top of the cake many of these entities, such as Simmons First Nation Bank, get their benefit districts from the good citizens of Gardner whereby we bankroll them to pay for development costs of things like streets, sewers, electricity, etc.and allow them 10, 20 years or who knows how many years to pay their assessments plus a low interest rate they could never get on the open commercial credit market – pretty good, cheap credit for them but a big risk for the citizens who have to pick up the tab if they don’t pay their assessments as some have done and you have to spend even more money to get the money out of them, if you are lucky to do that. This sweet deal they get by paying now $3.08 a year in property taxes when it should be much, much more. And your rotten politicians are giving them these sweet deals and MANY are voting for these worthless, backstabbing politicians.

    You get the rotten government and high taxes you deserve by supporting and enabling cronyism government – that is my opinion.

  3. Duane Waldman says:

    I agree Judith. Who sets the zoning to allow for these types of appraisals? They would be hard presses to farm that land even if they wanted to. Why don’t they sell the land if they don’t want to improve it.

  4. Tom Mertz says:

    Property tax rates are based on CURRENT use not future use. There are numerous homes around town that could potentially be torn down or converted to commercial use in the FUTURE but because of the CURRENT use are taxed at residential rates. We also have a lot of home based businesses paying residential instead of commercial rates.

    Yes there is land that could be used for Commercial use but until someone makes the economic decision to use it for that purpose it will be taxed as it is being used.

    Just because someone wishes to sell their property for a different use does not make it valued at that use until someone buys it and changes the use.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    And I say a property should only receive a farm appraisal if there is actual farming activities on the property such as growing crops or farm animals grazing on the property.

    Tom Mertz, do you want to sit there and tell me that Simmons First National Bank, Gardner Bank, developers, builders, investors and others should receive a “farm” appraisal on property when no farming activities are present? What these entities are doing who do this is stealing from hardworking, loyal taxpayers who pay their full taxes and aren’t manipulating and conniving the system to avoid paying the taxes they should and in the process, the citizens who are doing the right thing while the wrongdoers get by with this are causing higher tax costs for decent citizens and other adverse affects. I have seen one builder pay his $3 tax bill on a property due to his “farm” appraisal while another decent builder right down the street on another lot will pay the usual $300 to $500 average tax bill because he/she is doing the right thing and are honest. I know which builder I want to support.

    In 2011 Simmons First National Bank had a tax bill of $5,559.99 on that property located at 115 N. Moonlight and now for 2012 their tax bill is only $3.08 since they are getting their “farm” appraisal. And most of this loss of tax revenue is affecting revenue needed for our schools. In 2011 the city of Gardner received $1.175.98 in taxes on that property and now for 2012 we will get a whopping 66 CENTS! This type of financial rape is happening to citizens on property after property and citizens are losing millions and millions of dollars of tax revenue. To me THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

    The Kansas City Star in the past had a front page and centerpage expose’ on this issue and CNN even had a video on this very same thing as to what is happening in the red state of Kansas. And what do your politicians do about all of this? Absolutely nothing. A good two years ago I e-mailed and talked personally to Sen. Rob Olson and then Commissioner Calvin Hayden. They gave me all the usual lip service about how this is wrong, how they will have the Attorney General investigate, blah, blah, blah – all the normal and usual politician bullshi while the citizens continue to get screwed. Your Gardner City Council knows of this problem, your County government knows of this problem and your Kansas legislators know of this problem and none of them do a damn thing to protect the citizens in my opinion.

    County Appraiser Paul Welcome says legislation is needed to correct this wrongdoing and in the meantime he rubber stamps every damn request after request to change the appraisal basis to “farm” when it is not valid. Is Sen. Olson or Rep. Sutton submitting legislation to be passed to correct this problems? Not that I know of and that is when my contempt for politicians comes on strong and for good reason in my opinion.

    I have no respect for politicians and bureucrats and others who turn their heads to this type of manipulation and conniving resulting in the enabling and support of wrongdoing. That is my opinion, however, nothing will change until DECENT CITIZENS demand that they will not condone this type of legal tax evasion. Corporate welfare has many faces in today’s world and average citizens better be informed and educated on all of the faces and realize what the Sam Hill it is doing to them – putting many into poverty and/or making it harder and harder to make ends meet and other adverse affects while the connivers laugh on their way to the bank.

    You might want to question candidates closely as to what they WILL ACTUALLY DO to protect YOUR INTERESTS. And lastly citizens better be making some better choices in the voting booth and they better start holding their politicians and bureaucrats ACCOUNTABLE. That is my opinion.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    I also want to ask citizens if they are aware of this project at 175th & Hedge Lane – http://www.blockllc.com/175th-video/

    Sure as hell haven’t heard the city of Garder talking about this one or the SW Jo. Co. Economic Development Corp. Citizens just better realize they are going to be surrounded with warehouses and dealing with millions and millions of trucks and oodles of trains and all of the resulting affects such as terrible pollution, taxes that will never end to bankroll all of the infrastructure, maintenance of roads, etc., etc. You know the big boys who are going to make billions off of these projects will most definitely be looking for their sweet deals which includes not paying their FULL taxes, wanting incentives on their utility rates, sales tax reductions and the list goes on and on. Are YOU, the average citizen, ready to pay for the costs of running a water line under I-35 for this project? I am sure they will be wanting you to pay for that and MUCH, MUCH more while avoiding paying the taxes any way they connive to do so.

    MUCH, MUCH to come in 2013 and beyond…………what is your QUALITY OF LIFE going to be like and what are the costs going to be for you? Inland ports don’t bring quality of life in my opinion. Think it is all going to be worth it for $10 an hour hire and fire jobs in those warehouses, etc. which will only result in more social costs for you to cover? Lots to think about but most won’t THINK, they will continue to drink the koolaid and think the glossy flyers are going to result in paradise on the prairie.

  7. Supporter2ndAmendment says:

    yappity yap yap yap…Judith don’t you ever get tired of giving your opinion on everything?

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