February 9, 2016

Why will the Gardner branch of the Johnson County Library be closed April 4-5?

Library staff will do inventory while the library is closed. In addition to taking stock of all library materials, the library staff will install a new checkout system, which includes anti-theft devices.
All other Johnson County libraries will be open during normal hours on those two days, and books can still be returned via the drive-through drop-off box.


  1. Good to know! says:

    Don’t forget to check out the other Johnson County Locations. Now might even be a good time to head over to Edgerton’s library!

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Hopefully, a man from a background of poverty will bring a new perspective to managing JoCo Library system’s frail financial books.


  3. Judith Rogers says:

    It is going to take more than an optimistic attitude and an accent to protect the citizens’ interest in the library system and other services the citizens need. I want Mr. Casserley and that Library Board to do ONE THING. And that is to get in the face of every Johnson County politician and beyond and tell them in no uncertain terms to quit giving away the people’s tax revenue to the big boys with their fraudulent farm appraisals, TIFs, tax incentives, tax exemptions, Star Bonds and every other manipulating, conniving handout scheme.

    Pay Mr. Casserley a good salary and I want him working for the CITIZENS and not those slimy politicians and their bloodsucking cronies. He needs to use his excellent communication skills to tell those jaybirds to stop giving away the people’s money so we can have what the people need and want. And that is what every citizen needs to be doing also.

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