February 12, 2016

Welcome to JoCo Fair’s wild ride in Gardner

Chris Morrow

Chris Morrow

Chris Morrow
Mayor of Gardner
The theme for the 2013 Johnson County Fair is “It’s a Wild Ride.” There is a week’s worth of judged competitions, rodeo events, races, sales, entertainment, and a demolition derby. The dining choices are wide, with variety of food to eat that is akin to a study in gastronomy. There is a carnival with five nights of rides that provide thrills, and games that test your skills.
On Saturday morning the Johnson County Fair Parade rolls through downtown Gardner with thousand of city and county residents in attendance for music, dancing, horses, all manner of motor vehicle, fabulous floats, and marching bands.
The fair is indeed a “Wild Ride” and not just because of the thrill rides, but also because it rarely offers a dull moment.
Enjoy the “Wild Ride” knowing that you are a safe and secure due to city police and county sheriff’s officers, fire and emergency medical services, and the careful planning and execution of the fair board and their many volunteers.
This Aug. 4-10, I hope you take time to enjoy the fun, food, and pageantry. Fair time is a great time to live in Gardner. Enjoy this time with your family, friends, and in fellowship with your community. Stay cool, and take advantage of all this event, in Johnson County unique to Gardner, has to offer.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I read the Fair brochure a few days ago and was certainly pleased to see they stated that no “weapons” were allowed on the Fairgrounds. I have to still wonder how many of Sutton’s vigilantes will be there at the Fair with their guns, switchblades, etc. and just daring the police to ask them for their I.D. I certainly hate to see the undermining of our police who already have such a hard job of keeping the peace………….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXwP02Dkp7A. Respect for the police seems to be waning here in Kansas and much of it due to the words and actions of our own slimy lawmakers and politicians. When our Governor and our lawmakers think they answer to no entity is a sad day indeed and that day is HERE, RIGHT NOW. So many now worship their guns and the power they think that they give to them rather than their God………..sad, sad day indeed.

  2. Walter H. says:

    Judith, with all due respect I would like to clarify your misperception of “no weapons” at the fair.

    1. The sign at the entrance to the fair that says no weapons, knives, alcohol etc does NOT apply to a CCL holder. That sign is for people that may want to open carry a weapon to the fair.

    2. The only sign that would prevent a CCL Holder from being allowed to carry would be the standard sign IAW K.A.R. 16-11-7 Concealed Carry Prohibition Sign.

    3. The sign has to be posted at all exterior public and nonpublic entrances of a building. There are indeed some buildings at the fair posted which is fine. But the fairgrounds itself is not posted.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    With all due respect, Walter, I have already mentioned that I fully expect Sutton’s vigilantes to be at the fair with their guns and switchblades, etc. I encourage all citizens to go to Sutton’s website and watch his video where he was addressing the gun nuts on the state Capitol’s steps earlier this year – gives you a good idea of what he and other lawmakers and their cult followers stand for. Certainly not to my liking and I do not support gun culture communities and I have stated that opinion on more than one occasion and will continue to do so.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    In Sutton’s video, I like the way he refers to these NRA gun nuts as “Patriots”………..just love how worthless politicians use the lingo and the propaganda to get a vote……..practiced pandering at its finest………really sad when that is all you have going for you – that is my opinion. I think when Sutton puts on that black overcoat that he thinks he grows six inches in height………and when he puts on his gun, I hate to think what he thinks…………

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