February 11, 2016

Voting for Republicans is repeating the insanity

Bill Lucas
Why should I ever vote Republican again?
The Republicans held both houses from 1994 through 2006. From 2001 through 2006, they held all three branches of government. During their reign of incompetence, they lied this country into a war in Iraq costing us 4,408 precious military lives and costing $1.9 trillion dollars. The results were no weapons of mass destruction, no relevance to 9/11, and no democracy. On March 7, 2010 parliamentary elections were held in Iraq where the current prime minister Nouri al-Maliki lost. Yet, he refused to give up power, stalled the formation of a legitimate government, and forced a comprise to remain in power. Now he is busy eliminating his political enemies. So we replaced Saddam Hussein with another Saddam Hussein — only this one with political and cultural ties to Iran. Way to go, Republicans.
The Republican enacted the largest tax cut in history in 2001. Nothing wrong with that, but they did not cut spending correspondingly. This is like a corporation paying a dividend to its stockholders then turning around and borrowing money to pay for it. The old canard that cutting taxes pays for itself has proven to be false. So much for trickledown economics. Rather than trickle down, the wealth of this country has concentrated to the top 1 percent.
“From 2002-2007, the income of the top 1 percent grew 10 times faster the income of the bottom 90 percent,” according to “Wealth, Income, and Power” by G. William Domhoff.
When the rich get richer and spend millions lobbying congress and financing political races to rig the system in their favor — that is income redistribution.
The Republicans ran this economy into the ditch from 2006 to 2008. As late as the summer of 2008, both President Bush and candidate John McCain were claiming the fundamentals of this economy were good. By the fall, everyone in the world knew that was another lie and over 80,000 jobs were being lost per month. The bankers and Wall Street executives who are 99 percent Republican and 100 percent free marketers suddenly and temporarily became socialists begging to be bailed out by the taxpayers. The government they did not want to regulate them was now their sugar daddy.
The Republican party of today is dominated by right wing extremists who pursue policies to concentrate power in big business and take power away from private citizens. The Republican nomination process and debates are nothing more than circuses but only with clowns for acts. How can any sane person want these people back in power?
So what has President Obama done?
He stopped a recession from becoming a great depression.
He absolutely did not listen to the Republicans; instead he saved the American automobile industry and millions of downstream jobs associated with the automobile industry.
He absolutely did not take the Republican recommended Hoover approach toward our banking system.  He did the right thing to save the banks; but failed to extract concessions to prevent them from tanking the economy again.
We have had 24 months of private sector job creation.  More jobs than the Republicans created from 2001 to 2008.
The long term unemployed are resuming their job hunt.
Insurance companies can no longer deny you access to health care because of pre-existing conditions.
Children can remain on their parents’ health insurance until age 26.
Insurance companies can no longer kick you off their rolls because you get sick.
Insurance companies can no longer put lifetime caps on payouts.
He has decimated the Al Qaeda command and control with persistent drone strikes.  He strikes them in Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and where ever he finds them.
He killed Osama bin laden.
He cleaned up the mess the Republicans left him in Iraq and  is doing the same in Afghanistan.
His ignoring Republican calls to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran and Syria.
He has never lied this country into a war.
He has and will never put women’s healthcare in jeopardy.
We still have a long way to go.  But I will never give my vote to a Republican again because “past is prologue” and “repeating the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”


  1. State of Affairs says:

    ???Records show that the Democrats had control of the Congress from 2006-2008. Whether I made $1.16 an hour or more now, I have always had to pay dearly in taxes when the Democrats are in control. (By the way, this year 3 weeks’ take home pay; last year a days’ take home pay. Meanwhile, the bills for housing, utilities, gasoline to get to work (cost rises daily); food for energy to work to pay those taxes (cost rises daily).

    Why would a 26-year old still want to live with Mommy & Daddy? Mature people are out on their own.
    Some have started their own families.

    Understand that the GM Volt is not selling, so price has been reduced to $30,000.00. How many people can rush out and buy one? President Obama says he will buy one in 5 years when he is out of office.

  2. @Patriot says:

    Hey Bill,

    And to think they moderate the comments now, but not the op-ed page.

  3. Throw $5 trillion at the problems and issues they darn well better start to get better.

  4. Good thing... says:

    …it’s an opinion piece. His list of claims for Obama and against Bush is either selective memory, half-the-facts-hide-the-rest, claiming Obama credit for what Bush accomplished, or outright fantasy.

    Let’s just hit one: “Obama killed Osama bin Laden”.

    Really? And the war prosecuted by Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq that crippled al Quaeda and forced bin Laden into hiding had NOTHING to do with the situation that led to his killing? You DO remember those wars? The ones you blame Bush for starting and are counting the heads of dead soldiers weighed on Bush’s back? The ones that Obama has run away from, leading to a resurgence of the Taliban in Afganistan, resulting in the deaths of MORE U.S. soldiers?

    You state a couple simple facts, that bin Laden’s location was leaked while Obama was in office and that Obama made the simple decision to order a raid to capture or kill him, and act as if it was Obama’s diligence was the reason it happened and not, instead, the troops and intelligence resources on the ground in the region because of Bush’s efforts there. Or revenge from ex-friends of bin Laden who ratted him out. Or any number of other complex pieces that had to fall into place, combined with the bravery of US soldiers and an almost-flawless execution for the raid, to culminate in shooting bin Laden in the face. All so that your buddy, Obama, can take credit for pulling the trigger.

    Did you forget that he ALSO claims to have dumped the body so nobody can find it so that we don’t really have proof that it happened? Or was that part Bush’s fault?

    Patriot…I mean, Bill, you rant about this stuff all the time out here, claiming that St. Obama walks on water while Republicans or conservatives are drowning puppies. You quote facts that you get from rabidly liberal sources, repeating the same half-truths and one-sided campaign drivel that you get from reading exclusively biased sources. Some of what you say is true. Some is not. The rest is somewhere in between the extremes.

    If you want people to listen to what you say, try taking of your blinders and look at the whole picture. Instead of the stuff just on the left side.

  5. about time says:

    I hope patriot is right with regards as to moderating comments. That must be why I haven’t seen any postings from Judith and Nate. It’s about time. I love to read everyone’s comment whether I agree or disagree, but truth be told, when you consistantly insult people it gets old. There for a while I was starting to think this was Judiths and Nates personal sparring site. I think you can agree to disagree.

  6. I only saw the “moderated” notice once, when I was posting a comment. So I don’t know if it’s true or not. That post never made it to the pages, so I assume it was moderated. But since then, I don’t know.

    But I agree with you. They need to exert a little control out here.

    I don’t mind if my own comments get moderated as long as they’re being equal and fair about it. If something I post is out of line, they should get rid of it. But if they ARE moderating, it can be telling as to the things they moderate and the things they let stand.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    The cowardly, backstabbing no-namers continue their drivel………………

  8. @Hello? Mods? says:


  9. You people talk in riddles. I think most of us are patriots, if not we shouldn’t be in this country; everyone is free to move out. To say someone is a patriot based solely on political affiliation is stupid and arrogant. As far as moderating comments, part of being an adult is learning to moderate your own mouth – which is something many people should learn from what I read on here.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    Some might want to grow up, be an adult, have some integrity and take ownership of their comments.

  11. @Ownership says:

    So SWOTI…you STILL don’t own up to all that anonymous posting you’ve done? It must hurt, insulting yourself like that.

    Better still, you’re insulting Senior. Great work!!

    And still, no moderators stepping in to stop Judith from her angry, libelous ways. You’d think that Gardner News wouldn’t want her to chase off all their online readers.

  12. Crickets chirping says:

    Still not owning up to your no-namer posting history, SWOTI?

    Still not moderating posts of a “libelous nature” or removing “offensive” content, Gardner News?

  13. I’m guessing those who are asking for moderation of the comments will be the first people to complain when their comments start getting moderated.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    No-namers have no integrity, honesty, character, ethics, etc. – they fit in well with the worthless politicians, bureaucrats and thieves……………much like those “anonymous” donors Beasley submitted on his campaign finance report……….

  15. Judith Rogers says:

    The lowlife hate and lie slingers will never take ownership of their comments.

  16. No ownership, still says:

    Repeating yourself, SWOTI, doesn’t change the obvious fact that you, yourself, don’t take ownership for all the no-name posts you’ve made.Maybe they aren’t moderating your posts, SWOTI, because you’re only talking about yourself. You lie to us every time you repeat your no-name attacks. If you don’t condemn yourself for your own actions, you can’t really blame people for following your lead. Hypocrite.

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    Again, the lowlife hate and lie slingers will never take ownership of their comments.

  18. Judith did you read the article I emailed you?

  19. Judith Rogers says:

    I have you blocked, Lowlife.

  20. That is unfortunate. Here is the article link, for some reason it made me think of you.


  21. Careful... says:

    Be careful, Ryan. SWOTI tends to accuse others of the things she does. She’ll blame you for killing the guy. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. That’s where SWOTI shines!

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    If I block your e-mails, lowlife, why would I read anything you post on this site………dumb as dirt but conniving and manipulative………..Gardner’s Finest are truly Gardner’s lowlifes which they show by their words, actions, inactions and voting records………….and many truly show how they are lowlifes by not taking ownership of their comments, actions, etc. – they are ready and Johnny on the spot to rationalize away anything they do or say, however, they have long ago lost any credibility or decency they may have ever had……………contempt is what they have earned……..and, boy, do I have the contempt for them…………

  23. Wow, an article that I would think Judyth would like and she comes unhinged, calls people names, and personally attacks someone, not to mention judging them. Maybe GN should moderate these boards.

    Ryan, Keep staying friendly and positive. It’s nice to see. I might even try it.

  24. Hahahaha! says:

    It’s funny how hard she tries to be insulting any time someone asks her to justify her actions and hypocrisy. It’s almost like she’s trying to change the subject to deflect questions she’s too much of a coward to answer.

  25. Judith Rogers says:

    And the cowardly, lowlife, backstabbing no-namers continue to be with us and what is even worse is how they are throughout our government entities…………….very clear when you know what and who has brought about this culture and who nutures it every day of the week…………have a nice weekend!!!!! Thought I would throw in a little phony cheer for the no-namers and the lovely politicians and bureaucrats that I hold in such high contempt………….

  26. It's SWOTI says:

    Supreme Winner of the Internet, she strikes again, repeating the same thing over and over to hide her lies and hypocrisy.

  27. Judith Rogers says:

    It is very clear who the liars, connivers and manipulators are as evidenced by their words, lies in petitions and lies on campaign finance reports, breaking of the Open Meetings Act, Council member arrested for assault, etc., etc. All will be living in a hellhole with the highest taxes in the County and the state due to all of the lies and lowlife behavior exhibited for years by Gardner’s Finest. Every day citizens are put in deeper debt here in Gardner and appointed and hired city personnel along with elected officials lower the standards for you and allow the big boys to laugh on their way to the bank.

  28. State of Affairs says:

    Really? Voting for Republican is repeating insanity? What about the double standards of the Democrats?

    For example: Bristol Palin high school teen pregnant is slammed while Obama’s mother was 3 months pregnant with him when Obama Sr. married her. At the same time Sr. already had wife #1 and toddler back in Kenya. So, Obama’s mother was wife #2. Sr. went on to have wife #3 and wife #4. Then, Obama’s mother divorced Sr., leaving wives #1, #3, and #4.

    Bill Maher gives $1,000,000.00 to Obama’s re-election. Meanwhile, he can say any thing he wants. For example, “Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are boobs; not that they have boobs, but they are boobs”.

    Letterman jokes that Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter was knocked-up by a baseball player.

    Rush Limbaugh apologizes to Ms. Fluke for offending her. (Poor Ms. Fluke. Enrolled in a Catholic university with tuition of $60,000.00, but it is financially draining her to pay $3,000.00 for her birth control pills. Understand that a prescription at Wal Mart is $9.00. Is she studying law or sex? Must be sex with a minor in law.)

    President Obama calls Ms. Fluke to support her for the supposed insult. Meanwhile, Bristol Palin asks the President when to expect a call from him.

    I have voted Democrat, Republican, and Independent. But, never again Democrat for what has been brought down upon us. I am a Conservative or a BM (bowel movement as Big Bertha, president of ACORN refers to us).

  29. State of Affairs says:

    As you enter Gardner, Kansas, Catholic church with sign “Glad your mother chose life”.

    Wonder if President Obama is glad that his mother chose life? since he is so pro-abortion.

    First Black President, not true. Obama is Mulatto (one white parent and one black parent). Obama’s white mother (probably thrown under the bus when he threw his his typical white woman grandmother that raised and supported him under the bus) and his black father from Kenya.

  30. State of Affairs says:

    Newt Gingrich: “Under this administration (the current administration) the only way one is safe is if you are America’s enemy”.

  31. State of Affairs says:

    Paul Ryan’s (R) financial plan seems to be workable. He was explaining on national TV today.

  32. State of Affairs says:

    Bill, don’t fear. You have company voting Democrat. In 2008, Mickey Mouse voted. A woman in Kansas City presented her name 3 different ways and voted 3 times. Several dead people voted. One man all choked up and can’t wait until the law lets Obama be President for 16 years or forever. Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg (didn’t say which one of the 3 legs tho.)

    If we get to vote in 2012, it just may be the last time we get to vote.

    Besides, it is rigged anyway. When I voted on paper, fill in the circle, the counter machine didn’t turn over when I put my ballot in. Called it, but was told it did count..

    2010 Primary, voter computer machines. Voted for my candidate; however, his opponent’s name appeared. Corrected it. Didn’t think anything about it until the next week The Kansas City Star ran an article when the candidate himself came to vote for himself, his opponent’s name appeared. He called it and several times out of 30 tries his opponent’s name appeared.

    Nevada residents complained that when they voted for Harry Reid’s opponent, his name appeared. (Seems that Harry Reid has monies in the voter machine company. Interesting.)

    Then, always absentee ballots appear in the trunks of cars

    Then, we have the Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polls. (Guess you are not let in unless you are voting Democrat.)

    And, last resort, the issue is brought before a judge that is Democrat and appointed in by a Democrat.

    So, Bill, no fear. But, we Conservatives (whether Independent, Democrat, or Republican) will vote and hope and pray to God that our votes count.–a Conservative or BM (bowel movement as Big Bertha Lewis, president of ACORN calls us).

  33. I’m still here, just busy launching a business and considering a run for office.

    Thanks for remembering me fondly!

  34. State of Affairs says:

    What office Nate?

  35. State of Affairs says:

    Kevin Jackson (Black American Conservative. Says you are only African American if you were born in Africa.) :

    “When I think of being ‘openly anything,’ I think about the black folks who say to me that I don’t “act black.” Sure I do. I am openly black. I don’t act like a rapper or a street thug, if that’s what they mean. I don’t run around speaking in Ebonics and holding my naughty bits in public. That notwithstanding, I am still very much openly black.


    Marion Barry was a crackhead. William Jefferson put his stolen booty on ice. Maxine Waters stole money from the taxpayers, and gave it to her husband’s bank. Charles Rangel is a slum lord in NYC, Eddie Bernice Johnson steals black kids college funds. Black Democrats would be better off having Crips and Bloods represent them, because it doesn’t take a psychic to know what will be said about your city if you elect a black Liberal politician to run it.


    I can’t imagine America seeing Obama’s visits abroad as little more than taxpayer-funded boondoggles; a way for Obama to see the world for free without enlisting in the military. Be all that you can be, Barry.


    America is going to find itself moving from the cry of racism to the cry of religious tolerance (with a racism chaser) as the major topic of discussion. And we are going to lose this battle, because the Muslims know how to use our laws, the media, and Liberalism against us.”

  36. Don’t pay too much attention to the Bah – roj – i post or any of the other ones like it. It’s probably an automated spam poster that spams any forum it can find with posts based on the context of key words it sees in the text on the page. Probably not even a person behind it…just some web bot. It’ll be a real nuisance for GN until the bot loses interest in the site (if ever).

    It’s why a lot of forums have Capcha letters that you have to type in every time you post…something that the bots can’t read so they can’t post.

  37. State of Affairs says:

    Loved Kevin Jackson’s book “The Big Black Lie”. Have to buy from his website, but was able to order it thru the Johnson County Library. Out of library, came from the United States of American Air Force Library in the State of Georgia.

    Also, today picked up Dr. Ben Carson’s book entitled “America the Beautiful”. (How the class dummy became a brain surgeon!) Dr. Carson is a black man and the TV interviewer said the way he spoke he sounded like a Black Conservative. Can’t wait to read his story.

  38. State of Affairs says:

    A lot of Californians are leaving, moving to Texas due to taxes. (Texas one of the States that doesn’t tax its people.)

    Included in those that have moved from California to Texas is former politician, Chuck Devore, former California State assemblyman, moving to Austin, Texas.

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