February 13, 2016

10th Annual Gardner Lake 4th of July Boat Parade


Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com


Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

Video: Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com
Special to The Gardner News
July 4, 2013 – The Gardner Lake community has a long tradition of festive celebrations on the 4th of July holiday. For generations, family and friends have gathered at the lake house, where all weekend long, food, fun, fireworks and parties are enjoyed. In 2003 residents organized the first Gardner Lake 4th of July Boat Parade and it has since become a tradition. This July 4th was the 10th annual parade.
There were about 15 boats in this years parade. The participants gather at the dam and the parade gets underway at 5 PM. The boats follow the parade route around the lake, heading southeast from the dam to the low end, where they go to the other side and return to the dam for the finish. Anonymous judges are stationed at various points around the lake along the way. After they phone in their votes, trophies are handed out when the boats return to the dam.
This year featured many imaginative themes and admirable decoration. The judges were impressed at the effort and one was overhead saying that there were so many good boats that they wanted to hand out trophies to more than just three! This reporter would agree! Thanks to all who participated.