February 9, 2016

USD 231 health insurance costs likely to increase

USD 231 health insurance costs could skyrocket as much as 25 to 30 percent, district officials worry.

According to Eric Hansen, director of business and finance for USD 231, the district’s health insurance claims and usage continues to hover at 95 percent, which could justify a cost hike from the insurance provider, Hansen wrote in a memo to the school board.

Coventry has been the district’s insurance provider since 2003. In its negotiations with the provider, district officials have whittled down potential increases to 20 percent, and Hansen said they hope to reduce the rate increase even further to 10 percent.

Hansen’s memo warned board members to expect a renewal policy with higher deductibles, higher out-of-pocket maximums, higher co-pays and premiums. School officials have solicited bids on three occasions in the last nine years, and Coventry has always been the successful bidder. He also wrote that the district is not a very attractive client currently due to high claims usage.

The school board will likely consider a final proposal for employee health benefits during a meeting on April 18.


  1. Has the district looked at any type of wellness programs to perhaps lower their claims usage?

  2. I’m amazed Judith! You managed not to bring up the recall in this article.

  3. But you did, Milo……………where are your suggestions for lowering health care costs………that too deep for you, Milo?????

  4. Seriously Milo…You had to say something…I dont know Judith from Adam but as much as I dont like here comments half the time I can respect that she voices her opionions, but you dont have to draw them out…if you want to post about city council issues post on one of their stories no need to post it here. Why cause Drama where it isn’t needed.

  5. Yes, the district kicked off a wellness program in January.

  6. Perhaps the school district could look into having a nurse practioner on duty at one school location during working hours where all district employees could go for minor ailments or health checks = perhaps this would reduce costs and be more user friendly for the employees and would reduce costs. Lots of citizens out there – submit your ideas and suggestions to save money and improve service – we certainly need them.

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