February 12, 2016

USD 231 expense report for the month of January

In response to a KORA request by The Gardner News, USD 231 provided expenditures. Constituents may request copies of specific expenditures by making a KORA requests. Although specific forms are not required by Kansas statute, the preferred form is available thru the USD 231 board office.



  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Over $700,000 in just one month………….wonder if the School Board ever reviews the expenditures and asks questions – they sure don’t discuss those issues in Open Meetings to my knowledge. I could request more info like I have before but they would come back and tell me I would have to pay so many dollars in order to get the information on our own schools. They sure spend the money on food and how can you have over $20,000 for copy overages??

    I want a listing of every USD 231 employee and the present salary they are receiving. Gilhaus won’t give it to me but I certainly believe the citizens should have and the right to that information. Just like Press plays games on that same subject not to my liking but hey, I am just one citizen and they love to tell me NO with the accompanying bird gesture. If you are the only one asking questions, it is real easy for them to put up that stone wall.

    You get the government you support and enable.

  2. gardnerpatron says:

    Spend Spend Spend. Our district has gone out of control in spending. That is why the Board Office Administrators are addressing the staff and teachers at each school concerning the district that is now out of surplus and budget cuts are needed. They are saying cut backs in staff will need to be made. Did I forget to mention that raises were given out in the board office just recently and now they are telling the teachers and staff there is no money. Ask any teacher and they will confirm it. We want to open 2 new schools when we can’t service the ones we have now? You buck the system or disagree with the top and you find yourself out the door. All I can say is shame on us as patrons who have put up with all of this and shame on the current board to have no backbone to stand up for what is right.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Just like your city, your School Boards and your Mayor, city staff and appointed City Council haven’t been working for the citizens for years and all you have to do is look at their mill levies as they steadily increase and they give you more debt than you can handle while taking care of the bloodsuckers but hey, many citizens voted FOR that school bond issue rather than AGAINST IT so you might want to look in the mirror or have a discussion with your neighbors who continue to enable and support these types of government……….hope many more wake up and smell the stench and find their voice and know perhaps what to do about getting decent people into office and as management personnel……………many feet need to feel the heat of the fire……..you better be concerned about what you are getting as a new city manager since you know who will be picking him or her and they will be speading lots more bull hockey on that issue too…….

  4. Senior says:

    My guess is all the copy overages were for the bond election. I think they sent a flier home in every book bag.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    I would say they sent home NUMEROUS flyers in back packs on that school bond issue along with robo calls, special meetings, staff time up the gut and all on YOUR DOLLAR. But, hey, asinine citizens voted in that school bond and now they can pay dearly for it and it will be costing oodles more than what you were told. You also paid for that school district to sue you for more money.

    I remember well how the school district let city personnel into our schools to sell that pool bond issue and all the crap we had to pay for to get that debt on our backs and which we could hardly afford and are still strugging to pay for. Gilhaus and the Dictator and others have worked hand in hand for years to have the people pay for their wants and to make their resumes look good. And the people keep drinking the kool-aid and also have the mentality of give me what I want right now today and worry about paying for it down the road and they can’t discern the difference between propaganda and the truth. The day of reckoning does come and most of the crap you are paying for you really don’t need and what you do need, you aren’t getting. And all in the name of education and “our kids deserve this” crapola.

    You get what you enable and support.

  6. Judith Rogers says:
  7. Judith Rogers says:

    Our local Taliban are fighting tooth and nail over their territories. This news reminds me again of why I have such contempt for our political system and the lowlifes involved in the political pig stys………Sen Rob Olson totally pulled the rug out from under me on those fraudulent farm appraisals that he gave me such fine lip service on but did NOTHING for the citizens, just like on so many other things that the people need help and protection on and this news tells what he really is spending his time on…………


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