February 13, 2016

UPDATED: Pugh will not resign

Danedri Thompson
Council member Dennis Pugh doesn’t plan to resign, at least that’s the word from two emails Pugh sent after a council meeting last Monday.
“I will gladly tender my resignation right behind the resignation of Mr. Fotovich,” Pugh wrote in an email to council member Chris Morrow. Morrow asked for Pugh’s resignation following last week’s council meeting.
Following a Nov. 21 city council meeting, Pugh followed council member Larry Fotovich home where an altercation allegedly occurred. Police were called and the altercation is under investigation by the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.
During the meeting, Pugh told Fotovich to shut up and said he would “drag him in the back room and beat the s—t out of him.”
Morrow asked for Pugh’s resignation and that of Mayor Drovetta in an email the following day.
“As your continued presence on the council could well lead to further embarrassing situation and events for the city of Gardner, I recommend you apologize to the council member in question and tender your resignation immediately,” Morrow wrote.
Pugh declined to resign in an electronic response, saying Morrow also yelled at the meeting and showed disrespect as well.
“Mr. Fotovich and I have quite a history and sometimes emotions run high,” Pugh wrote.
Pugh has yet to comment publicly to The Gardner News about his alleged actions last Monday, however he did respond to an email from a constituent.
The constituent asked that Pugh keep his responses to Fotovich “civil and professional,” Pugh wrote that he plans to continue serving on the council.
“I regret my actions and I believe I stooped to a low level,” Pugh wrote in an email response to a constituent. “I appreciate your support and will do my best to perform better in the future for the citizens of Gardner.”
Editor’s note: The information in this story came from several days worth of council emails obtained by the Gardner News as an open record request.  City email accounts are public record.


  1. I can't believe it! says:

    That guy is a real piece of work!

  2. Slight misquote says:

    Based on other reports, Pugh started his statement with “I’d LIKE to drag…”. (emphasis mine). Not that he WOULD.

    Leaving off that preface, while probably an oversight on Ms. Thompson’s part, is irresponsible, casting Pugh’s statement more directly as a threat than an utterance of frustration. Not that it mmakes Pugh’s actions any better, but accuracy on such an emotional and chaotic time as this should be at the forefront, especially given Thompson’s longstanding conflict of interest in supporting Fotovich.

  3. Since you are highlighting the word LIKE, please provide information as to how you know the PRECISE (emphasis mine) quote. If you have a transcript, or were present, or have a recording, many of us would be interested in your making it available. However, you’re correct, in light of what later transpired, it doesn’t matter whether Mr. Pugh said he would LIKE to, or WOULD. The fact seems to be that he DID.

  4. Cameras present says:

    I am guessing there will be more than a few personal video cameras at the next city council meeting. Pugh should be ashamed. Instead of being remorseful and doing what is best for the city, he chooses to just point fingers. Mr. Pugh, YOU are the odd man out and the only anticipated “no” vote regarding the videotaping of city council meetings. For the sake of your family, and for the sake of Gardner, please resign NOW!

  5. Interestingly, we have only the quotes we’ve read from our news sources. Are you saying they’re not accurate?

    I’ve read plenty of people who want to string up Pugh because he was initially quoted as having said he “tackled” Fotovich, only to correct that quote later on. Gardner News, if I recall correctly, uses a variety of forms the quote. Their original article, published without a byline, then later updated with Danedri Thompson’s name, is no longer available on the GN site, so it’s impossible to check it. I found a different article that lists the quote as “I’d drag…”, then this article takes the “I’d” out and paraphrases by saying “he would ‘drag…’. Even THAT changes the meaning of the quote.

    GardnerEDGE lists the quote as “I’d like…”. They don’t seem to be confused about THAT quote, though the “tackled” line leave their memory of the events in question as well.

    You would think that SOMEBODY would have it right. Given the number of times that Ms. Thompson appears to have had personal details of stuff that didn’t even happen in meetings, and the way she allowed herself to be a spokesperson for the events to NBC Action News, you’d think that she would have better knowledge of the quotes she’s attributing to people. Being a journalist and all..

  6. GardnerPride says:

    “I will gladly tender my resignation right behind the resignation of Mr. Fotovich,”

    I’ll gladly accept this option.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    Of course that would be your option, GardnerPride, the anonymous cowardly backstabber, since you too fit in well with lowlifes like Drovetta and Pugh and the Beasley Bunch – that’s my opinion. People better be looking at this matter very closely – how would you like it if someone waylayed you on your property and the police said they couldn’t bring charges since they were not there to view the incident. You might want to think about whether you would appreciate this type of violence and the terrorizing of your family. Is this what you call police PROTECTION? The stench at City Hall broadens its horizons and stinks more by the day.

  8. GardnerPride says:

    I missed the part of the article and TV news stories where anyone’s family was terrorized in any way. That’s unlike you to blow things out of porportion to promote your own propoganda Judith…very unlike you.

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    You know all about terrorizing people to get you what you want, GardnerPrride and enable and support others to do it……………

  10. Don’t remember Morrow yelling or being disrespectful. Not sure how Pugh would know since he didn’t stick around.

    Johnny did it more than me, Ma.

  11. How long will it take for the legal process to come through. As I understand it, and please correct me if I am wrong, Fotovich must press charges, then it all goes to the DA.

    Has fotovich pressed charges?

    So far, that hasn’t been made clear.

  12. Has fotovich actually pressed charges? Or it only a police report they are talking about?

  13. Terrorizing? says:

    Really, Judith? You know more about terrorizing people than the rest of the people out here put together.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    My so-called “terrorizing” certainly hasn’t brought about any results since we still have goons out there like Pugh and Drovetta and others who even utilize violence along with their manipulation, control, stonewalling, lies, conniving, sweet deals, etc., etc. methods………………….

  15. What a hypocrite! says:

    You complain about others “terrorizing” by simply stating opinions that are contrary to yours, then cheer your own, far worse, constant barrage of verbal abuse. Maybe the reason you haven’t been able to sway opinions to match up to yours is the methods you choose to spread your message.

  16. GardnerPride says:

    The thing I’m most upset about is that Pugh gave Judith another topic to beat like a dead horse.

    How many times are we going to read the words violence, terrorized, etc. in her posts now? Just another bullet point in her propoganda machine.

  17. Judith Rogers says:

    It is not propaganda, Coward, it is the truth and the actions of one of your kind………that’s what you can’t hack, GardnerPride…….you hate to see your lowlife actions shown in living color…..hard to cover some crap up……………give me something to crow about, No Namer, and I will be happy to talk about it………………

  18. GardnerPride says:

    Propaganda: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause

    That definition, courtesy of Mr. Webster, seems to hit the nail right on the head.

    It’s curious that I’ve also called for Mr. Pugh’s resignation, though you still continue to speak as though I’m supporting him in every way. You really have absolutely zero tolerance for anyone who doesn’t subscriber to your same manner of thought. Your close mindedness reminds me very much of Larry Fotovich, and it’s no wonder you like to place him so high on the pedestal.

  19. Judith Rogers says:

    What agenda is that, Cowardly Backstabber??? I’m not running for office, I’m not trying to get a city job, I’m not one of the thieves asking for a handout, etc. But I am a concerned citizen and will speak out against wrongdoing so get used to it or continue your whining………….

  20. Reality and its many derivatives says:

    reality and its derivatives wrote on 11/29/2011 11:23 am

    Like I said earlier. KCMO is a cut above- They televise, record and stream their city council meetings. It seems to keep even the most eccentric in their seats. They happen to get stuff done as well.

    What we are experiencing is small town -B.S-

    Gardner use to be relatively isolated and could function as a small town outside of real city issues. Times have changed. Gardner has grown and now the Town of Gardner has to deal with things like a real City of Gardner.

    Get with the program folks

  21. Gardner is isolated!

  22. Running for office says:

    Of course you’re running for office, Judith. Queen of the World. And you set such a GOOD example of civility and rational discourse for the rest of the citizens in Gardner…


    I can’t even finish writing it without laughing.

  23. Judith Rogers says:

    Glad I could give you chuckle…………enjoy…………

  24. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    KSHB-TV just announced that Councilmber Dennis Pugh has resigned, effective immediately.

  25. Hello Everyone.

    Please read the Gardner news article in the following link.


    This problem is going to continue to be in city council even with Pughs resignation. The one that seems to promote this behavior is the Mayor.
    This came up months ago, also, I have witnessed it personally.

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